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Trackless has been in business since 1969.
MT stands for Municipal Tractor.
Our plant is 113,000 sq. ft. sitting on 28 acres of land.
Over 7000 units have been produced. This number will keep growing and growing.
Yes, Trackless attachments are interchangeable between Trackless Tractors.
Yes, Many attachments can be adapted to work with a Trackless adaptor. Check with factory for more information.
The MT7 has been in production since July 2016.
Yes, Trackless does offer training courses for service techs. The courses are at the factory and are no charge. The customer is responsible for their own transportation and lodging.
The training courses are a one (1) day course. Starting at 7:30am to 4:00pm with lunch being provided.
No, we do not refurbish MT5s any longer. We do however have a new program available that remanufactures MT5s. Please contact your local dealer for more details.
We manufacture all of the attachments with the exception of the angle sweepers, boom flail mower.
Yes, we can paint the MT7 and attachments any colour at an additional cost.
No, DEF fluid is not required because the MT7 John Deere engine is 74 horse power. Any engine under 75 horse power does not require DEF fluid.
A number of MT6 options are now standard features on the MT7. Please contact us for a complete list of options.
The MT7 has an on board diagnostic system which constantly monitors and self-diagnoses all electrical and electronic components, hydrostatics, hydraulic valves, joystick, switches, sensors and the entire engine ECU. Any fault that occurs is diagnosed and sent to the message centre on the digital dash screen, where it can be retrieved by clicking on the message envelope ICON. All messages are recorded permanently and archived. The message centre also allows access to all ECUs directly. All diagnostics can be done without having to plug in a laptop or any other device.
The MT7 has an anti-bounce ride control system which automatically weighs the front mounted attachment when lifted and calculates, according to speed and shock load, how much the attachment needs to move in order to counteract the bounce when hitting a bump or pothole, deadening the bounce that normally would follow the initial impact.

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