An after hours look at our President, Doug Cadman.

What does our President, Doug Cadman, do after hours?

He builds drag race cars and has raced them for over 30 years.

His 800 hp 1933 Willys was equipped with a nitrous oxide injected small block Ford.

In 2001 Doug built a fibreglass 1955 Thunderbird with an 1800 hp 526 cu in blown alcohol engine. He and his wife Julie ran this car with a race group based out of Michigan, called the Supercharged Thunder. They ran with the series for several years at Norwalk Raceway Park, Route 66 in Chicago and at various other tracks in OH, NY, IL, MI, WV, KY and also at tracks in Ontario and New Brunswick.

In 2008 Doug and Julie purchased the original 1973 Chi-Town Hustler nitro funny car from a friend in Indiana. They then obtained a license agreement from Pat Minick who still owns the registered Chi-Town Hustler name and proceeded to build a clone with a modern chassis and 426 cu in Alan Johnson nitro burning hemi.

They now campaign the car in Ontario match racing good friend Gary Kraus from Buffalo, NY. Doug drives the car sometimes but more often he now flies in Todd Paton from California to drive for him as Todd is one of the best funny car drivers in the sport with far more experience driving funny car as well as top fuel. To date our best pass was 5.99 seconds at 233 mph. says Doug. Next year, we plan to step it up to run 5.88 at 240 + mph. The car runs on 90% Nitromethane and 10% Methanol, and produces approximately 3000 HP. Two of my four crew members are Trackless employees, Jason Cail and Paul Dickson. They team up with Aaron and Joe Pilatske to make up the best crew I could ever hope to have. Even when we have to stay up all night at the track to rebuild the engine after a catastrophic failure, they do so with a smile and we are ready to fire the engine by breakfast time and get ready for another pass. Sleep is for weekdays.