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Quick, Cost-effective, Permanent Asphalt Repair

In a time of reduced budgets, increased traffic flow and growing concerns over environmental impact, the costs associated with traditional asphalt patching methods continue to climb making new, cost-effective types of repair a necessity. Asphalt heating, whereby the defective surface is reheated, raked out and re-compacted, is quickly becoming the new standard due to its great success at a low cost while producing little or no waste.

The Trackless Infrared Asphalt Heater was designed to replace traditional propane fueled asphalt heaters with a PTO driven portable generator powering electrical heating elements. Our design provides a safe, even controlled heat which will soften the existing asphalt without burning and produce a rake ready surface in 15 minutes.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Why remove perfectly good asphalt? The Infrared Asphalt Heater allows you to recycle 100% of the existing tarmac surface resulting in a seamless, permanent repair with no cut joints while using a fraction of new aggregate. Fixing trip hazards, manholes, potholes, sunken utility cuts and improper seams becomes very cost-effective compared to traditional remove and replace methods.

Simplicity of Operation

Position the heater, set the cycle time and press start. After establishing an optimum cycle time for the conditions, controlled, repeatable cycle times are achieved through the use of the controller’s built-in timer. Operators need very little training because the attachment is simple and safe to operate without the need to worry about an open flame or the headaches that come with storing, transporting and changing propane tanks.

Two Machines in One

Separating the generator from the asphalt heater is quickly accomplished by pulling four retaining pins. The generator can then be used as a portable energy source to power welders, pumping stations, municipal buildings, emergency shelters, etc. At 80 HP, the generator is capable of producing 45 KW and 175 amps with both 110V and 220V receptacles built-in and comes equipped with safety lockouts and security fencing that surrounds the tractor and generator.

No Open Flame

There is no open flame. Electric elements produce an even and controlled heat which will not burn the surface. No open flame over or near catch basins or manholes where methane gas or other flammable gases or liquids could be present is a safer scenario for this type of repair.

*Generator may be purchased separately*

Trackless Municipal Tractor Infrared Asphalt Heater
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Heating pan area 4' (1219mm) x 6' (1828mm)
Heating elements 11
Deflector shields 8 stainless steel
Insulation 5" thick ceramic
Control panel
  • LED screen
  • Cycles, hertz
  • Cycle time
  • Cycle start button
  • Timer jog
  • E-Stop
Generator output 45 KW, 175 amp
Receptacles 110 V and 220 V
Fence 4' (1219mm) high surrounding tractor and generator
includes gate
Model Length Width Height Weight
Infrared Asphalt Heater 62"
Generator Only 62"

*Measurements are approximate.*

*For detailed tender specifications, contact Trackless Vehicles sales department.*