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The winter battle can leave a considerable accumulation of sand and other debris on sidewalks. The Trackless Pickup Sweeper is the ideal attachment for your sidewalk spring clean up.

The sweeper is driven for one or more blocks collecting any debris in its path and then emptied by a hydraulically controlled bottom gate. Rubber skirting on the sides and front eliminate much of the dust however, best results are obtained by adding the optional spray bar kit and rear-mounted Water Tank.


Sweeping width 4' (1219mm)
Broom diameter 32" (812mm)
Casters 3 swivel casters, hard urethane tires
Dump Bottom gate, hydraulic controlled
Drive PTO to gearbox, shaft to right side, 60 chain to broom sprocket
Capacity Approximately 6 cubic feet
Model Length Width Height Weight
Pickup Sweeper 84"

*Measurements are approximate.*

*For detailed tender specifications, contact Trackless Vehicles sales department.*

Municipal Sidewalk Tractor Pickup Sweeper

Water Tank & Pump Kit

Add a Spraying System to your Trackless MT to control the dust that can become airborne when using sweepers or cold planer attachments.

Municipal Sidewalk Tractor Pickup Sweeper

Spray Bar Kit for Pickup Sweeper

Attaching just above the front caster wheel, this spray bar will help your Pickup Sweeper pick up more debris by wetting it down before it enters the hopper body.