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Getting the most out of your Trackless MT means putting it to work year round. The spring and summer months offer a great opportunity to keep your MT productive by adding one of our finishing mowers to your attachment portfolio. Our grooming mowers are perfectly suited for grounds maintenance, parks, right of way mowing, municipal jobs or any other wide area green space. Since our mowers mount to the front of the tractor, the MT’s articulated steering gives the operator precise control in close trimming conditions providing superior visibility, safety and productivity. Hydrostatic transmission allows the ground speed to be adjusted easily to match mowing conditions.

6' Rotary

The Trackless front mounted 6' rotary mower is designed for close trimming on both sides with a full width rear discharge. Four large gauge wheels and flexible attaching frame allow accurate cutting on rolling ground. Due to the MT7’s hydrostatic transmission, maximum speed of cutting can be maintained in various cutting conditions by simply easing up on the foot pedal in heavier grass or depressing the pedal further for a faster ground speed where grass is shorter. Articulated steering gives the operator precise control for trimming.

10' and 14' Rotary

The Trackless wing type mower was designed to drastically cut mowing time on large areas such as campuses and parks. Normal undulating ground requires flexibility in mowers to avoid scalping. Trackless solved this problem with a three-section, front mounted mower comprised of a 72 inch three-spindle, PTO driven center section with a hinged hydraulic driven wing on each side. Separate valves control each hydraulic motor and lift cylinder. The MT6 has a built-in hydraulic system to power the right wing and an optional pump and valve to power the left wing. Safety switches shut off the wings automatically when raised. For side slope cutting, axle extensions and terra grip turf tires are available.

Progressive Turf 14' Rotary Mower

For rougher areas and as an option for those who desire an extra heavy duty mower, we have partnered with Progressive Turf Equipment to offer you another mower option. Further information is available from our sales department. Please contact us today.


Deck 72" (1828mm) x 3/16" plate, rear discharge
Spindles 3 - 7 x Timken bearings, greaseable
Blades 3 - 7 x 25" x 2½" x ¼" high lift
Casters 4 - 10 swivel with 4" x 10" pneumatic tires
Drive PTO to right angle gear box, 2 V-belts
Cutting heights 1½" to 4" in ½" increments
Cutting tip speed 18,500 f.p.m. @ 2,200 engine r.p.m.
Wings 24" (609mm) or 48" (1219mm)
Caster 1 x 4" x 10" pneumatic on 24" wing; 3 on 48" wing
Roller 1 gauge on 24" wing only
Lift cylinder Hydraulic x 2" x 8"
Hinge Compound - 110° ARC
Model Length Width Height Weight
6' Rotary 81"
10' Rotary 81"
14' Rotary 81"

*Measurements are approximate.*

*For detailed tender specifications, contact Trackless Vehicles sales department.*

MT Prerequisites

You will need to have these options installed on the Trackless MT to be able to use this attachment.

  • Reversing Engine Fan (Standard MT7)
  • Hydraulic Pump & Valve Kit is required on 10' and 14' mowers (Standard MT7)
  • Summer Turf Tires
Municipal Sidewalk Tractor Rotary Finishing Mowers Reversing Engine Fan

Reversing Engine Fan (Standard MT7)

This option will cause the MT's engine cooling fan to reverse direction and airflow at timed intervals clearing the rad of built up grass clippings. The reversing fan is standard on the MT7.

Municipal Sidewalk Tractor Rotary Finishing Mowers Mulching Blades

Mulching Blades

Grab a set of this popular mowing accessory.