Welcome to the Trackless Vehicles plant. Completed in June of 2002, our 110,000 sq. ft. plant sits on 28 acres of land in Courtland, Ontario. The factory is equipped with a 500hp Cummins generator that ensures no loss of production time during power outages. Trackless Vehicles continues to invest in our facilities, building a separate storage facility in 2016 and adding a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse extension to our main building in 2017.

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In-House Manufacturing

Trackless Vehicles is committed to providing our customers with the highest standard in quality of our products. Our in house manufacturing processes provide this assurance of quality to our customers.

CNC Machines

With a complement of CNC machines, these machines provide accurate and high quality parts all in a time efficient manner.

Robotic Welder

To provide clean, smooth and accurate welds our welding department consists of robotic welders and highly trained MIG welders.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has been our preferred method of cutting sheet metal for over 20 years. It provides a fast and efficient way to cut sheet metal while at the same time reducing metal waste.

Full Paint Line

Part of our in house manufacturing process also includes a full paint line.

Assembly Line

Safety and productivity were the key design characteristics for our assembly line.

Time-Lapse Videos