Introducing the Trackless MT7

The Trackless MT7 tractor and attachment information contained below will help you become familiar with all aspects of our equipment, including the many advantages that set us apart from the competition. Trackless Vehicles has been in the articulated tractor manufacturing business since 1969 and leads the market in technological design, efficiency, safety features, operator comfort and overall performance. Less expensive competitive products are also available on the market for your consideration. However, it is most important to keep in mind that the many MT7 value added and safety features are largely due to input and requests from our large customer base.

Over several decades Trackless customers from a broad geographical cross-section have helped us develop and improve our products. These customers are located from Alaska to Newfoundland and from the Arctic to Antarctica. Although the majority of our business is with municipalities, we have also worked with the Department of National Defense across Canada, U.S. Military bases, Air Force bases, Military Academies such as West Point, Camp David and U.S. Military bases in other parts of the world.

The MT7 is what you the customer should expect, a tractor designed properly to do the job safely and efficiently. Our commitment and determination to be the best and deliver exactly what you require have put us in the position where we can proudly say that Trackless holds approximately 75% of the market with the remaining balance divided amongst several other manufacturers.

After reviewing the following information, your authorized dealer representative or a member of the Trackless Team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have, review your requirements and demonstrate the MT7 with any attachment you would like to see operate. Our equipment specialists will not only demonstrate the equipment but they will also spend time with your supervisors, operators and technical service staff to thoroughly review and answer all questions you may have whether they pertain to design, functionality, serviceability or on board diagnostics.

Thank you for considering our products and we hope to hear from you in the near future.


Doug Cadman
General Manager

Why Choose Trackless?

The Trackless MT7, when equipped with a variety of attachments, can be put to work every day of the year. Many other power units are either too small in size and power to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time or are too large to work within the space required. The MT7 and all attachments are built extremely tough to withstand the most severe conditions. This also translates into an extra long life for the equipment and a high residual value when the time does come to sell or trade in your Trackless equipment.

For winter sidewalk maintenance we offer a heavy duty angle plow, a trip edge sidewalk plow, a five position plow which can function as an angle plow, v-plow or scoop and our standard fixed v-plow.

While plowing the operator can sand or salt the sidewalk. Some customers prefer to mount one of our angle sweepers on the front of their MT7 when the snow is not too deep and they can also sand at the same time. Others mount our water tank on the rear instead of our sander and spray liquid calcium or another de-icing material. When the snow is deeper, customers will use either our standard or ribbon style sidewalk snowblower.

Many municipalities load trucks with one of our snowblowers. This can be accomplished by either using one of our sidewalks snowblowers with a truck loading chute or by running our wider 75-inch wide ribbon snowblower with the hydraulically operated telescopic truck loading chute. The telescopic chute will extend higher than our standard truck loading chute and it lowers for transporting to and from the worksite.

Trackless also provides many municipalities, parks departments and governmental institutions with front mounted angle sweepers up to 8 feet wide for parking lot clean up, to assist street sweepers during spring cleanup, and to help crews during their fall leaf program, whether they are utilizing the Trackless leaf loader or are using another method for leaf collection. Sweeping gravel off of grass is another application and can save many hours of hand raking. Trackless also offers a 48-inch wide sidewalk pickup sweeper with a spray system to keep the dust down while sweeping.

In the spring, not only do municipal crews work with one of our sweepers, many times they will also mount one of our asphalt cold planers for various road repairs. For sidewalk sections that heaved over the winter creating what is referred to as toe trips, we have the solution: our concrete cold planer. It has three times as many carbide grinding picks which leave a much smoother finish on the concrete than coarser asphalt cold planers.

In the summer months, most customers run one or more of our heavy duty commercial mowers. We offer three widths of rotary finishing mowers and for rough areas and high growth vegetation we have a 74-inch wide front flail mower available. One of our most popular mowers is a boom mounted flail for cutting ditches as well as steep banks and along the banks and edges of streams, drainage ditches and ponds.

In the fall, after the last cut with their mowers, customers get ready for the last tough challenge before winter sets in: leaf pickup. The Trackless leaf loader is the best solution as it not only picks up the leaves but it mulches them at the same time. The efficiency of requiring fewer trucks due to the leaves being mulched while loading and that the mulch can be given back to homeowners for their gardens are just two of the many benefits of including a Trackless leaf loader in your attachment lineup.

Other attachments for your consideration include the Trackless aerator, line painter, generator, infrared asphalt heater, stump grinder and large capacity tow behind sander.

In addition to all the attachments offered by Trackless, you can also order the MT7 tractor with the optional rear 540 RPM PTO and category 1 three-point hitch. This allows you to install an attachment you might have for the rear of the tractor, such as a rear three-point hitch flail, a rear rotary cutter, etc.

The MT7 is proudly built in Canada. Trackless takes great pride in being able to say that 99% of all the components used to produce the MT7 are manufactured in Canada or the U.S.A. One of our main internal engineering and purchasing policies is plain and simple: try to achieve a 100% North American supply chain.

The engine, hydrostatic transmission, PTO clutch, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic steering motor, wheels, tires and hundreds of other components are manufactured in the U.S.A., while many of the smaller components are purchased from Canadian manufacturers. All of the steel fabrications including the cab, frames, and hoods are manufactured in-house at Trackless Vehicles.

For the end user, this is very important. When service parts are required quickly, expected at a reasonable price and are backed up by technical support, all from within North America, it helps give all customers peace of mind. After all, when a storm hits, your equipment has to be running. Sitting for weeks waiting for parts is unacceptable. You need parts in 24 hours, not 24 days. We make certain and guarantee you can count on Trackless every time.

The MT7 tractor delivers peak performance to get the job done, no matter how severe the conditions. Whether clearing sidewalks, mowing grass with one of our large commercial mowers, cutting ditches with our boom flail mower, grinding sidewalk concrete or performing any one of the many other maintenance duties assigned, you can count on the tough, rugged and powerful MT7 to meet the challenge.

The main drivetrain components consist of the following:


A 74 HP John Deere 4.5 LT Stage 5 diesel engine powers the MT7. Rather than a smaller 2.6 to 3.3 LT engine, we chose the larger displacement engine for higher torque and longer engine life. Although the HP is less than our prior model MT6, it is very close to our MT3, MT4 and early model MT5s which were produced for many years and cleared snow from sidewalks, loaded trucks and powered our largest mowing equipment. The 74 HP engine, PTO driven snowblower handles the toughest sidewalk snow conditions as did our prior similarly powered models. All customers who have either seen a demonstration or already have one or more MT7s in their fleet are amazed at the performance.

Another reason for choosing this engine was to be ahead of the mandated regulations from EPA, CARB, and NRC. Since the Tier 4 Interim engines are only short lived engines, which many if not most manufacturers decided just to skip past and go straight to the Tier 4 Final, it did not make sense to produce a small number of tractors with a Tier 4I (Interim) engine, for obvious reasons. Today, the MT7’s engine has been further updated to a Stage 5.


For decades Trackless has stayed with the most rugged and efficient drivetrain design which consists of a hydrostatic transmission that drives a mechanical transmission. The mechanical transmission has a low gear, high gear and neutral. The mechanical transmission drives the front and rear axles by way of driveshafts. The result is constant, high torque 4 wheel drive. A 10:1 deep reduction planetary is available as an option. With this option, the operator can select any one of four speed ranges, the slowest being 0 to 10 feet per minute, ideal for the cold planers and leaf loader.

Hydrostatic Transmission

The MT7 hydrostatic transmission is a Sauer Danfoss. It is electronically controlled by depressing the electronic foot pedal. There are multiple ramps programmed into the system so that the tractor operates smoothly and maintains traction under all circumstances. There are also multiple ramps programmed for braking when the operator lets off on the foot peddle so that no matter what gear range you are in or how fast you are moving, the dynamic braking from the hydrostatic is just right. However, if an operator wants to stop very quickly, simply touch the service brake pedal and all of the brake ramps become very aggressive and the braking motion feels like that of a high-performance automobile.

PTO Clutch

The Twin Disc PTO clutch is rated at 200 hp which means it will easily last the life of the tractor. When coupled to any one of our snowblowers the combination of the MT7’s large displacement, high torque engine, oversized PTO clutch and superior traction is unstoppable. No matter how deep, heavy, or contaminated with salt or frozen the snow is, the MT7 and snowblower will chew its way through.


The front and rear axle are Dana 60 type with track lock differentials. The axles are extremely tough and have extra heavy wall tubing and oversized axle shafts. As an option, we offer an electric locking differential for the front axle.

Auxiliary Hydraulic Power

In addition to the front PTO and optional rear PTO, the MT7 also comes standard with two auxiliary hydraulic power circuits. One circuit can power an attachment on the front while the second circuit can independently power a different attachment on the rear: For example, a sweeper on the front and a sand spreader on the rear. The two circuits can also power two independent functions on the front, such as the left wing and right wing on one of our large commercial mowers.

  • Certified R.O.P.S. cab (Roll Over Protective Structure)
  • Leaving the seat shuts down the attachment whether it is PTO or hydraulically powered.
  • Leaving the seat shuts down the engine, if the tractor is not in neutral.
  • Seatbelt interlock does not allow the tractor to exceed 5 km/hr unless the belt is buckled
  • Full-colour backup camera viewed in the digital dash when in reverse. Three rear view mirrors also standard.
  • External Up/Down Switch on the front of the tractor to move hydraulic cylinders into position when pinning up to an attachment. This eliminates the possibility of someone losing a finger due to a second person in the cab trying to move the cylinder hydraulically while not being able to see where the other person’s hands are. When using the switch, the cylinders move at 1/3 the regular speed giving precise and safe control for aligning the pins.
  • Silver/red reflective striping on sides and rear for night operation
  • Slow moving vehicle sign decal on the rear panel
  • 8 flashing strobes, 2 mounted on all 4 sides, above the roof line for 360-degree visibility
  • Backup alarm
  • Ability to drive the tractor into the attachment for hooking up, without a second person between the attachment and tractor holding up the mounting frame or PTO shaft. To accomplish this, both the pushframe and PTO shaft are supported at the correct height for driving the tractor forward into the attachment.
  • Ultra-Brake System. The tractor brakes by way of the hydrostatic transmission but if the service brake pedal is depressed not only does it apply the service brake system, it triggers the Trackless Ultra-Brake System. This system changes the deceleration ramp of the hydrostatic transmission to become much more aggressive. This advanced performance feature is one of the most important safety features to be taken into consideration, when comparing to a competitive product, due to the possibility of a child playing in a driveway and suddenly running out from behind a pile of snow at the end of the driveway as the tractor and plows or snowblower is approaching at up to 19 km/hr (12 mph). The unit must be able to stop suddenly and in the shortest distance possible by way of the operator’s natural reaction of simply applying the brake pedal. The Trackless Ultra-Brake System was designed specifically for this reason.
  • Totally enclosed exhaust/after-treatment system eliminates the possibility of someone accidentally getting burned. Not only is it totally enclosed, there is no need to remove the side panel covering it because of all daily checkpoints, battery cut-off switch, breaker switches, remote battery terminals, air breather access, oil filters, fuel filters, etc. are on the left side. It is not only more convenient to have everything on the driver’s side but it is much safer to keep everyone away from the hot components that make up the after-treatment system.

Today with fuel and labour costs being so high most purchasing departments factor in the cost of operation when evaluating bid submissions, RFQs and RFPs. Awarding an order to the lowest bidder simply based on price is not practical if the difference in the cost of operation is far greater than a difference in the price. The following are a few points to consider when determining the true cost of ownership and operation.

High Range

High range allows the MT7 to be driven to and from the job site or start of a route planned for that day. Having to trailer the equipment is simply too inefficient, time-consuming and costly.

Work Mode/Standard Mode

This feature reduces fuel consumption by approximately 50% which saves up to $2,000 per month in fuel cost. While driving, plowing or sweeping the MT7 can be run in standard mode. In standard mode, the foot pedal appears to function the same as a gas pedal in a car. The engine only accelerates if you push the pedal down, but at the same time, the pedal is also stroking the hydrostatic transmission. Every time you let off the pedal, the engine comes back to an idle. Therefore, every time the MT7 stops before crossing a street to continue on plowing the sidewalk or stops at a stop sign or stoplight and is waiting to cross, the engine is at idle, not at full RPM. This saves a huge amount of fuel versus leaving it in work mode with the engine revving at full throttle the entire time.

Only when operating a PTO driven attachment does the MT7 need to be switched to work mode. In work mode, the tractor allows the operator to set the engine RPM at full throttle to run the attachment and the foot pedal has no control over the engine RPM. Most hydrostatic tractors and power units on the market do not have work mode/standard mode so be careful to not lock into old technology that will drive your fuel cost up by tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the tractor.


The Trackless auto run feature is another operational cost saving feature that most manufacturers do not offer. When switched to auto mode, the rear sander will automatically stop dispersing sand or salt whenever the MT7 either stops or is shifted into reverse. This can reduce your material consumption/cost by 50% and also the amount of lost time and labour cost of having to refill. The auto run feature also works in the same way when spraying water during sweeping operations. The only time the operator should need to use the run mode is when the sander or water tank needs to be emptied, such as at the end of their shift.

Variable Flow Sander Control

The MT7 has a rotary dial flow switch which allows the operator to adjust the flow without getting out of the tractor. Not only does this save time but the operator is much more likely to adjust the flow rate up and down when it is just a matter of turning the dial beside him/her. Otherwise, there is a chance the flow would be left at a higher flow rate for the entire shift.


The Trackless MT7 also saves on fuel cost by not allowing the tractor to sit parked and run for long periods at idle, wasting fuel. The anti-idle, however, does monitor engine temperature so it will not shut the tractor down if it has not reached operating temperature. Even if an operator tries to bump the engine RPM above idle in order to leave the tractor running while taking a break, the tractor will shut down to conserve fuel and reduce emissions.

The Trackless MT7 was carefully designed for ease of serviceability and repair. Many customers have told us that they have never seen a piece of equipment so carefully thought out. Tech support and parts supply through our distribution network are also a high priority at Trackless.

  • All parts orders received by Trackless before 1:30 pm are shipped the same day. Order fill rate is over 99%.
  • If engine parts are required, John Deere has over 4800 locations worldwide, 2950 of which are located in North America. Parts can be ordered online through  if you prefer and delivery is usually next day.
  • Authorized Trackless dealership technicians work with the Trackless tech support team to ensure your Trackless equipment is back up and running as quickly as possible, should there be an issue.
  • Trackless offers a free in-depth training school for as many technicians as you would like to send to the factory and this offer is valid for as long as you own a piece of our equipment. Some municipalities send several technicians every year in order to continually increase their knowledge in some of the tractor’s more complex operating systems.
  • Left and right side panels, rear panel grill and the hood all lift off within a couple minutes and without the use of any tools. The lift-assisted hood is constructed from steel.
  • Although the side panels lift off quickly, there are hinged side doors for daily maintenance, oil checks and access to the block heater and the battery disconnect switch.
  • The side cab panel is removable without the use of any tools.
  • All panels and the entire cab including the door are constructed of steel to withstand bumping and scraping objects such as poles, fences, and buildings. It is much easier, quicker and less expensive to hammer out a dent here and there than it is to purchase a new panel that is produced from a non-metallic material such as plastic.
  • There are far less hydraulic hoses and wiring harnesses inside the cab than our prior model MT6 tractor.
  • The overhead switch panel is hinged to allow a technician to hinge it down in front of them, making it very easy to work on.
  • A dry change hydraulic oil filter is a canister type cartridge mounted at the highest point on top of the hydraulic oil reservoir. This allows the technician to change the filter in a matter of minutes without having to drain any oil. This is far quicker than having to drain oil, remove and replace a spin-on oil filter, refill with new oil and clean up the mess afterward.
  • Multiplex communication with controllers eliminates 75% of the wiring from our previous model MT6.
  • Switches are in banks and are simple plug and play. Remove the communication cable and the entire switch bank pops out easily.
  • On-board diagnostics continuously monitors all systems and notifies the operator/technician on the digital screen. The touch screen allows the technician access to the onboard diagnostic screens to check all systems, including the engine ECU, without having to plug in a laptop. Everything that is required is on board.
  • The MT7 and all previous model Trackless tractors have a shift lever in the cab which can be shifted into neutral to disconnect the drivetrain so that the tractor can be towed. This is very important because vehicles with a hydrostatic transmission cannot be towed unless the drivetrain is disconnected by way of a mechanical neutral, the driveshafts are removed or the hydrostatic transmission itself is dealt with by turning a tap, moving a lever, etc. If someone forgets to do this it can cost up to $10,000 in repairs. However, with a neutral lever inside the cab, no one would ever think to tow the tractor without placing it neutral first, no different than a person would do when towing a car or pickup.
  • If at some point in the future a technician has to remove the heater under the dash, there are no duct hoses to disconnect. The dash in the MT7 has a plenum that sits on the heater. In a matter of minutes, the dash can simply be lifted off exposing the heater.
  • The MT7 can be split in half and separated without removing any hydraulic hoses that cross the articulation joint.
  • Air breather access is easier than ever before. The breather element is much larger than on our previous model tractor and will greatly increase element life. The pre-cleaner automatically disconnects from the air breather when the top hood is lifted.
  • An automatic reversing engine fan reverses direction every few minutes to clean debris such as grass clippings and dirt in the summer and salt in the winter. However, if the radiator or oil cooler needs to be cleaned, the rear grill lifts off in seconds, even when a rear sander is attached.
  • Removing a hydrostatic transmission or a PTO clutch is very simple on the MT7. If the clutch needs to be removed sometime in the distant future, the front plate on the rear frame can be unbolted and moved forward to allow the clutch to come far enough forward to allow lifting out from the top. The engine does not have to be unbolted or moved to remove the clutch.
  • To avoid someone accidentally putting fuel into the hydraulic oil reservoir, locking tabs are provided on the oil tank cap so that a padlock can be installed.
  • All glass is flat so you have the option of purchasing a replacement window locally. Curved glass, especially if having to come from Europe or Asia, can be extremely expensive and take much longer to receive, thereby making the tractor inoperative.

The MT7 cab ergonomics, controls, sound level, visibility, overall comfort and ease of operation all contribute to higher productivity and a happy comfortable operator. The many features include:

  • A spacious interior with the headroom required to accommodate tall, large operators
  • Quiet sound level
  • Visibility out the front corner windows that allow the operator to watch the corners of the plow and other attachments for more precise control when working very close to obstructions. A large windshield, side sliding windows and a large rear window provide excellent 360-degree visibility. To further enhance visibility, every MT7 is equipped with two shock free outside mirrors, an inside rear-view mirror and a full-colour backup camera which takes over the entire digital screen whenever the tractor is shifted into reverse.
  • An HVAC system controls heating, air conditioning, and ventilation through 10 louvers. The operator can select heat, AC, defrost, fan speed and temperature on the digital HVAC screen. The climate control will maintain the temperature selected.
  • A high back air-ride seat with the air-ride adjustment switch mounted in the switch panel provides excellent comfort. A retractable 3-point seat belt, orange in colour so it is visible from outside the cab, must be buckled or the MT7 will not exceed 5 km per hour. Allowing the 5 km/hr is to ensure any malfunction does not disable the tractor in an intersection, on a railway crossing, etc.
  • Very simple controls for ease of operation requires minimal training. Driving the MT7 closely mimics driving a pickup truck. Simply use the foot pedal (gas pedal), brake pedal and shift between forward and reverse by way of a switch on the joystick. Simple is good.
  • A state of the art joystick controls the attachment functions. The joystick is very easy to use, extremely smooth and programs itself automatically to the attachment fitted to the tractor. The operator simply places their arm on the padded armrest and with their hand resting comfortably on the joystick, all attachment functions along with switching between forward and reverse couldn’t be easier or more comfortable.
  • The digital dash shows all information such as fluid temperatures, speedometer, engine RPM, fuel level, gear range selected, forward/neutral/reverse and miscellaneous indicators such as turn signals. It also illustrates various information by way of icons. However, when a problem occurs such as low coolant, low hydraulic oil, plugged air breather, etc., in addition to the icons, a text message in ¾ inch letters appears on the screen eliminating the danger of an operator not noticing that a fault light icon has illuminated. It also clarifies exactly what is wrong, avoiding the potential of confusion if only an icon illuminates.
  • Diagnostics are performed automatically on a continuous basis and faults will appear on the touch screen. A user-friendly access screen allows customers to retrieve information to expedite solving a problem. The diagnostic program and touch screen also eliminate a technician ever having to plug in a laptop computer, even for an engine issue or information. Many customers consider this one of the top 5 features of the MT7 because as we all know it is very challenging in this day in age for a technician to keep up a laptop computer with many different programs and different cables to plug in and diagnose many different pieces of equipment.

Standard equipment includes tilt steering, intermittent front windshield wiper and washer, a rear wiper and washer, and hydrostatic lock (similar to cruise control).

As mentioned earlier, it is very important that an operator is comfortable and happy to be in the tractor working. To help make life a little more pleasant, the MT7 comes standard with AM/FM stereo with dual speakers, Bluetooth, cell phone charging port, cup holder and storage compartment.

The Trackless MT7 leads the way with environmental initiatives that are years ahead of what is mandated by EPA, CARB, and NRC.

A John Deere Stage 5 diesel engine is standard equipment, even though EPA requires Tier 4 Final engines to be installed in tractors in our HP class right now. Trackless believes it is everyone’s responsibility to do their part to protect the environment and are leading the way by making the transition from Tier 3 to Tier 4 Final beginning mid-2016, and to Stage 5 in 2023.

The MT7 is programmed for the anti-idle shutdown. Basically, this feature only allows the tractor to sit and idle for a short period of time once it has reached operating temperature.

The Work mode/Standard mode feature will reduce fuel consumption by 40% – 50%.

To sum it all up, the MT7 tractor consumes 40% – 50% less fuel and what fuel it does burn produces the lowest emissions levels possible due to the Tier 4 Final engine. Add the anti-idle restriction and the work mode/standard mode system and it becomes clear that the Trackless MT7 is at the forefront of environmental technology and is clearly the leader in the marketplace with its Green Initiative.

In addition to emission reduction, the MT7 also is extremely quiet when running. Noise, as we all know, has become an environmental impact concern to citizens so Trackless has reduced its sound levels to 62 dba.

Many municipalities receive numerous complaints about noise from equipment operating late at night. Considering the MT7 is so much quieter this problem should all but go away, except for one last problem: the backup alarm. Trackless now offers an option to alleviate this issue. We add a second backup alarm which is an approved alarm but instead of the standard loud beeping sound, it emits a white noise sound which does not carry so far. Because we still want the louder backup alarm beeping during the day, the second, white noise alarm only sounds between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am. This is programmed internally so it switches back and forth automatically.

MT7 Improvements Over the MT6

Tier 4 Final Engine
John Deere 74 hp, turbocharged, 4.5 at (275 c.i.) 224 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm.
DPF (diesel particulate filter) and DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst)
Urea is not required
SCR (selective catalytic reduction) is not required
An anti-idle feature has been added for additional fuel savings.
Sound Reduction
64 dba, MT6 was 73.2 @ 2400 rpm (50 ft in front of tractor)
Multi-Plex Electrical
There is now 70% less wiring with enhanced diagnostics.
Quick Release Panels
Tools not required to lift off side panels, rear grille or top hood
Lift-Assisted Top Hood
The top hood is manufactured from steel and is lift-assisted for easier raising
One Side Service
All daily checks and all filters are on the driver’s side, where there are hinged access doors. This is for convenience as well as to eliminate anyone having to access the engine compartment on the right side where the DPF, DOC and the complete exhaust system is located.
Cab Interior
Complete ergonomic redesign including dash, switch panels, and armrest, etc.
Center Frame
Large bearing replaces center frame liner
Reversing Fan
The automatic reversing fan is now standard equipment which keeps radiator and hydraulic oil cooler clean at all times from grass clippings in summer and salt build-up in winter.
Air Breather
Larger capacity with a direct connection to pre-cleaner and easier access
The new joystick has improved switches, heavier duty base, and pivot, wider sweep angle and forward, neutral, reverse switch (FNR) as standard equipment. T-handle shifter has been eliminated. The main float switch is now right beside FNR.
The main float switch is now right beside FNR.
Joystick Program
Selector switch to automatically configure joystick for attachment
Joystick Function
A new feature has been added allowing the operator to move both 5 position plow wings together at the same time. Also allows both mower wings to be lifted simultaneously.
Digital Dash
Full-colour digital touch screen display/monitor provides all operational information.
Backup Camera
Viewed on digital dash, this is now standard equipment
Cruise Control
Hydrostatic lock/cruise control is now standard equipment.
AC/Climate Control
Full climate control for floor heat and defrost with fresh air intake. Set desired temperature on the digital display, choose fan speed and temperature will remain constant. Air is dried in defrost mode to prevent fogging.
Foot Brake Pedal
A truck brake pedal assembly has replaced the fabricated pedal.
Variable Sander Flow
A variable flow sander switch is standard equipment.
Air Ride Seat Switch
Is now remote mounted in the switch panel for easier access
Intermittent Wiper
This is now standard equipment.
Rear Wiper & Washer
This is now standard equipment.
Low Hydraulic Oil Alarm
This is now standard equipment.
Seat Belt Interlock
The tractor will not drive faster than 5 km/hr (3 mph) unless seat belt is buckled.
Battery Disconnect
Battery disconnect switch for long periods without starting
Ride Control (Optional)
Automatically senses ground speed and overhung load of attachment to calculate shock load and cancel out tractor bounce.
Self Diagnostics
The onboard computer checks all systems and determines a cause for the fault. User access through touch screen also standard equipment.

Other improvements that were phased in late in the MT6 production

1350 Series U-joints
This change was made in the last year of production. Prior to the change, U-joints in the front and rear driveshafts were 1310 series.
External Up/Down Switch
This switch is located outside of tractor on the front of the cab and allows the person hooking up an attachment to toggle the lift cylinders up and down at 1/3 their normal speed, a more precise and safe way without a second person in the cab operating a valve.
Heavier Axles
Axle shafts are larger diameter with larger diameter bearings.
Sander Auto/Run
This switch allows the operator to select auto or run mode to power the sander. In auto mode, the sander automatically stops spreading if the tractor stops or is placed in reverse. In run mode, the sander spread is not regulated by tractor motion.
Rust Control
All tractors are raised on a hoist and rust control treatment is applied.
Rear Grille Removal
The rear grille can hinge up and slide sideways for quick removal to allow cleaning of radiator or oil cooler. Can be removed while rear sander is attached.

Click below to download a printer friendly version of all the MT7 information.

Explore the Interior of the MT7

WiFi Connected Diagnostic

Trackless now offers an optional diagnostic feature which allows our electronic diagnostic team to connect directly into all 11 MT7 ECUs, including the engine ECU using WiFi. This can reduce downtime and service calls should there be a problem or concern.

After the onetime charge for the option, there are no fees or charges of any kind. Simply call Trackless Tech Support and a technician will connect through your cell phone allowing a connection anywhere there is cell phone service.

This option complements the onboard diagnostic system that comes standard in every MT7 tractor.

  • Can be added to any MT7
  • Expedite the diagnostic process
  • 1st on the market with no recurring cost
  • Connect through cell phones
  • Reduce downtime


For detailed bid specifications, please contact your authorized Trackless dealer or a Trackless representative.

Neutral safety start switch std
Automatic hydraulic power shut off, if rotary mower wings raised std
Automatic PTO shut down if operator leaves seat std
Automatic engine shut down if operator leaves seat with shifter not in neutral position std
Automatic hydraulic power shut off, if operator leaves the seat std
Application of service brake foot pedal activates more aggressive hydrostatic std braking in conjunction with the 4 wheel service brakes std
Wire finger guard protection from engine fan blades std
Reflective striping on both sides and rear of tractor std
Pinch point, danger, caution decals std
Backup alarm/Backup camera std
White sound reversing alarm opt
John Deere
Emission Rating
HP Power Rating
Bore x Stroke
Model 4045 TFC 03
Tier 4 Final, EU Stage 5
4.5L (274.5 cubic inch)
74 HP, (55 kW)
224 lb-ft, (304 N·m) @ 1600 rpm
4.2 x 5.0″
Reversing fan std
Equipped with cold start aid, block heater std
Icons and warning messages displayed on digital dash std
Engine oil pan heater opt
Sauer Danfoss hydrostatic/electronic transmission and motor std
Control by electronic foot pedal programmed to control hydrostatic independently or both engine rpm and hydrostatic simultaneously std
Trackless mechanical transmission with high/low range and neutral std
Cruise control in low range std
High range lockout to prevent operation of attachments in high range opt
10:1 deep reduction planetary transmission. When coupled to mechanical transmission, 4 speed ranges instead of 2. Deep low is 0 to 3m (10ft)/min opt
Dana style model 60 full float axles with new heavy duty alloy spindles and limited slip differentials. 12,000 lb capacity each. std
Electric locking front differential
Locker will not engage when in high range
Axle extensions for side slope mowing opt
Low range 0 to 12 km (8 mph) std
High range 0 to 30 km (19 mph) std
Deep low range 0 to 3m (10ft) / min opt
Front PTO 13/8” 6 spline, 540 RPM std
Rear PTO 13/8” 6 spline, 540 RPM opt
Twin disc over center clutch with electric over hydraulic actuation std
Reduction box 4:1 std
20 gpm hydraulic gear pump driven by timing gears of engine std
14 gpm hydraulic gear pump, only driven when PTO clutch engaged std
Joystick control with 8 backlit membrane switches. 4 float position switches also have additional LED indicator lights. Switches colour coded to circuits. Includes FNR (forward/neutral/reverse) switch std
6 (3 pair) low volume front hydraulic couplers for attachment control std
4 (2 pair) high volume hydraulic couplers to power attachments requiring approximately 16 gpm std
2 (1 pair) high volume hydraulic couplers to power attachments running off second auxiliary hydraulic pump std
2 (1 pair) hydraulic couplers at rear of tractor std
Variable flow to rear hydraulics by way of rotary dial switch in cab std
Cartridge type Hydraulic filter mounted at highest point in system to allow dry changes std
Thermostatically controlled bypass from oil cooler for winter start up std
Steel hydrostatic lines std
Low hydraulic oil warning std
Inching switch outside cab to control lift cylinders for safe pinning of attachments std
Ride Control (Optional in 2018 or new models) opt
Hydrostatic dynamic braking programmed for smooth deceleration std
Service brakes std
Service brake application also activates more aggressive hydrostatic braking std
Mechanical parking brake with warning message displayed on digital dash std
Articulated steering 35º each way std
Hydraulic orbitrol motor, hydraulic steering cylinder, tilt steering column std
Inside turning radius of approximately 8-feet std
Tilt steering column includes hazard button, signal lever, center mounted horn std
High strength spherical bearings for pivot pins and steering pins std
Bearings and pins greaseable std
Front Trackless quick hitch with dual lift cylinders std
Rear Category 1, 3-point hitch with anti-sway bar opt
1000 CCA group 31 battery std
200 amp alternator std
Main circuit breaker protection and mini blade fuses std
Battery disconnect switch std
Switch, wiring and plumbing for spray systems std
CAN wire to front plug to control engine RPM from external source such as generator/infrared std
7 prong trailer plug std
Tow behind sander kit opt
Dump body with hydraulic lift and automatic tailgate opt
All steel panels and top hood, 2 hinged access doors, hinged rear grill std
Gas shock lift assist for top hood std
Top, rear and side panels removable without tools std
Heavy duty 10 gauge steel fenders std
4 – heavy duty tie down D rings std
SMV – slow moving vehicle sign std
Pintle hitch opt
25/16” Ball hitch opt
Rear license plate bracket and light opt
4 – LED headlights std
1 – LED backup light std
2 – Rubber mounted shockproof LED tail lights std
1 – Interior dome light std
Front and rear LED signal lights and 4 way flashers std
8 LED flashing lights above roof, mounted in HVAC guard std 2 on each side for 360 degree visibility, all amber or 4 blue, 4 amber std
High/low beam headlights std
Second rear backup light opt
Additional high mount rear tail lights opt
Headlight, signal (marker) light guards opt
LT 245/75R x 16 10-ply radial winter tire on HD 16″ 8-bolt rims std
31 x 10.00 x 16.5 10-ply loader lug tires on HD 16.5″ 8-bolt rims opt
31 x 15.50 x 15 8-ply turf tires on HD 15″ 8-bolt rims opt
Dual loader lug tires (8) on 8 rims opt
Calcium fill opt
Calcium fill in tubes opt
All steel components prepped in 5 stage phosphate wash, 2 part epoxy primer with rust inhibitor, 2 part polyurethane automotive top coat std
Latches, linkages, levers, battery hold down straps and bolts, support rods, striker plate, shifter gate and various small brackets zinc plated std
Colour highway yellow with black trim, grey/black interior std
Custom colours to customer specification opt
Certified ROPS cab structure std
Steel roof with rain gutters std
Digital dash: tachometer, speedometer, hour meter, fuel level, engine coolant temp., hydraulic oil temp., engine oil pressure, voltmeter std
7-speed heater defroster std
HVAC system with auxiliary heat and pressurization std
2 outside and 1 inside rear view mirror std
3-point retractable seat belt std
AM/FM/Bluetooth stereo, dual speakers, external aerial with amplifier std
Cup holder, cell phone holder, door pocket, storage tray std
12 volt power point auxiliary outlet for cell phone std
12 volt 2-way radio jacks std
Fire extinguisher opt
First aid kit opt
Gas strut door cylinder ad safety strap std
Tilt steering column with horn, signal lever, hazard button std
DOT approved tinted tempered safety glass std
Left and right side slider windows std
Rear slider window opt
3-speed pantograph wiper and windshield washer std
Intermittent front wiper std
2-speed rear wiper and washer std
Conaflex sound deadening, sound barrier floor mattin std
Operator’s Manual std
High back, fabric covered air ride seat with lumbar support std
Left and right arm rest std
Full colour digital dash including backup camera when in reverse std
2-way radio to customer specified frequency opt
Slopemeter opt
trackless vehicles mt7 measurements diagram
Overall length including rear bumper 149.5″
Height to top of HVAC system 88″
Track width with standard winter radial tire 49.5″
Overall width including fenders 50.5″
Weight with oils, coolant and full tank of fuel 6,900 lbs
(3130 kg)
Fuel 24.83 gal
(94.0 L)
Engine Oil 2.25 gal
(8.5 L)
Coolant 5.68 gal
(21.5 L)
Hydraulic Oil 19.8 gal
(75.0 L)
Differential 2.4 qt
(2.3 L)
Reduction Gearbox 1.1 qt
(1.0 L)
Mechanical Transmission 3.2 qt
(3.0 L)
14′ rotary mower Turf Tires
10′ rotary mower Turf Tires
6′ rotary mower Turf Tires
14′ Progressive rotary mower Turf Tires
Front mounted aerator Turf Tires
Stump grinder Turf Tires
74″ front mounted flail mower Turf Tires
51″ boom flail Dual Tires
Asphalt cold planer – Suggested Only Deep Reduction
Concrete cold planer Deep Reduction
Leaf loader Duals on Rear
Debris Blower
45 kW generator and security fencing
Electric infrared asphalt heater
Front mounted loader 49″ or 77″ bucket
Line and stencil painter
3,4,5,6,7 or 8′ wide hydraulic driven angle sweeper
48″ pickup sweeper
50,60, or 72″ v-plow
5 position folding v-plow
5,6,7 or 8′ wide angle snow plow Turf Tires
5′ wide double trip snow plow
51,60,70 or 80″ double auger snowblower
51,60 or 75″ ribbon snowblower
Rear salt & sand spreader
Rear tow behind sander Tow Kit
80 gallon (300 liters) water tank and pump system
80 gallon (300 liters) brine spray system
80 gallon (300 liters) 14′ rear-mount spray boom

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