Tackle Snow and Ice Like a Pro

Trackless Vehicles brings you the MT7, coupling power and functionality into an unsurpassed municipal tractor machine. Challenge the worst that winter throws at you with an extensive array of heavy-duty snow and ice control attachments.

  • 25+ attachments, providing 4 season versatility
  • Full climate controls to keep you warm in the coldest conditions
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada


A municipal tractor built for everyone. Tough, versatile, functional.

Plow Like a Pro

5-Position Folding V-Plow

Build flexibility into your winter sidewalk maintenance plan with the 5-Position Folding V-Plow. This attachment offers the ability to choose between the simplicity of a straight blade, the speed of a V-Plow, the maneuverability of a scoop plow and more.

  • Joystick controls allow for simultaneous plow wing movement.
  • Smooth tripping mechanism for uneven surfaces.
  • Double-acting cylinders provide positive control of the plow’s mouldboard.

Double Trip Plow

Winter takes its toll on all of us, including our sidewalks. The Double Trip Plow was designed for municipalities with sidewalk elevation differences that may result in plow tripping. Eliminate the risk of damaged equipment with this durable plow!

  • Mouldboard trips 35°, cutting edge trips 40°.
  • Blade is 60″ wide and 32″ high.
  • Adjustable trip springs allow you to modify the trip-edge tension.

High-Performance Snowblowers

Ribbon Snowblower

Winter throwing its worst at you? Throw it right back with our Ribbon Snowblower. Designed specifically for sidewalk use, this high-output blower makes quick work of snow removal.

  • Sidewalk chute is standard; truck-loading and telescopic chutes are optional.
  • Available in three widths: 51″, 60″ and 75″.
  • Attachment is hydraulically controlled by the joystick for ease of operation.

Twin Auger Snowblower

Sometimes winter hits hard, and when that happens, you need a heavy-duty machine to clear sidewalks. The Twin Auger Snowblower is a highly efficient, two-stage unit capable of clearing heavy snow over 5′ deep!

  • Sidewalk chute is standard; truck-loading and telescopic chutes are optional.
  • Available in three widths: 51″, 60″ and 70″.
  • High-strength, low-alloy steel augers with ice picks can easily handle any winter conditions.

Ultimate Ice Control Equipment

Snow Lion Ice-Breaker

Winter safety is a priority for municipalities and contractors across North America. The Ice-Breaker addresses a major winter safety concern: slips and falls. The attachment’s rolling cutters pulverize ice that forms on sidewalk surfaces and poses a risk to pedestrians.

  • A double-pulverizing roller system provides two passes in one.
  • Spring-loaded independent suspension allows cutters to dip in and out of surface contours.

Rear Mount Sidewalk Spreader

Our Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader was specifically engineered for sidewalk applications. The attachment dispenses a 41″ spread width, which limits both material waste and turf damage that is often associated with broadcast spreaders.

  • 1/2 cubic yard capacity.
  • Diamond application pattern limits turf damage.
  • Several options are available to upgrade the Spreader, including the addition of the Dump Body attachment to refill the Spreader on the go.

80-Gallon & 150-Gallon Brine Sprayers

Incoming winter storm? Consider pre-treating sidewalk surfaces with liquid brine to prevent ice from bonding to the surface. Our Brine Sprayer attachments reduce material and labour costs while making sidewalks a lot safer for pedestrians.

  • Two tank options: 80-gallon polypropylene tank or 150-gallon stainless steel tank.
  • Either tank can be paired with a front-mounted attachment for optimum efficiency.

Get More Out of Your Trackless MT

Dump Body
trackless vehicles dump body attachment studio image
Tow Behind Spreader
Angle Plow
trackless vehicles angle snow plow attachment studio image
Fixed V-Plow
Front Mount Spreader and Plow
trackless vehicles front mount spreader and plow attachment studio image
Power Angle Sweeper
trackless vehicles power angle sweeper attachment studio image

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