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  • 50th Anniversary
  • Last Trade Show For 2018
  • 2018 NYS Highway & Public Works Expo
  • Time-Lapse Tuesday!
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Upcoming Events
A must-attend event at Mississauga’s International Centre! Bringing together the industry leaders in Canada’s heavy equipment, road building, construction, crushing & screening, and infrastructure sectors.

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The primary goal of the MEOA is to educate its members on new and developing technologies as well as best practices for the municipal operations groups within your municipality. The result is savings in time and money. Along with formal training, the MEOA provides forums for networking to further gain valuable peer knowledge through their utilization of advanced technologies and from each person's experience.
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 As in past years, we are expecting over 100 people: Road Superintendents, Road Foremen and Supervisors from as far as Hearst and Moosonee to the North, New Liskeard to the South, Chapleau to the West and Kirkland Lake to the East.
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Focused exclusively on airfield snow removal and winter operations, the purpose of the event each year is to provide new educational programs, more opportunities for networking, a variety of ideas about winter operations, and a range of partnership / sponsorship opportunities.
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  • Industry Leader
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  • 50 Year History
  • North American Built
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Maximum Fuel Economy
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  • Four Seasons Versatility
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  • High Level Of Support
  • Ease Of Operation
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Trackless MT7 Walk-Around

Trackless MT7 Walk-Around

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