Safety is Our Number 1 Priority

For Trackless, safety is non-negotiable. We work every day to ensure that each product we design meets our and our customers’ safety expectations. Operators of any Trackless MT and accompanying attachments can do their part in keeping themselves and others safe by staying informed and adhering to the tips and guidelines as outlined in each product’s Operator’s Manual.

Colour-Coded Decals for Easy Identification

Safety should be top-of-mind when operating any form of equipment. Trackless Vehicles has implemented a colour-coded decal system for easy identification.

Trackless Manuals on Demand

Quick access to equipment operator’s manuals is key to maintaining a safe and secure working environment. Our newest decal brings operators directly to our online tractor and attachment manuals collection via a scannable QR code. These decals are currently free for Trackless MT owners.

The Trackless MT7: Putting Safety First

  • Certified ROPS Cab: Roll Over Protective Structure
  • Automatic Attachment Shut Off: Leaving the seat shuts down the attachment whether it is PTO or hydraulically powered
  • Automatic Engine Shut Off: Leaving the seat shuts down the engine if the tractor is not in neutral
  • Seatbelt Safety: The seatbelt interlock does not allow the tractor to exceed 5 km/hr unless the belt is buckled
  • Digital Dash Display: Full-colour backup camera viewed in the digital dash when in reverse
  • Three Rear-View Mirrors
  • External Up/Down Switch: Located on the front of the tractor. This switch allows the operator to move hydraulic cylinders into position more safely when pinning up an attachment. Activating the external up/down switch automatically locks out the Main channel joystick functions (Main Lift and Main Float) so that an operator in the cab cannot activate these hydraulic functions by leaning on or moving the joystick.
  • Reflective Decals: Silver and red reflective striping on the sides and rear of the tractor for operation in low-light scenarios.
  • Slow Moving Vehicle Sign
  • Strobe Lights: 8 flashing strobes, 2 mounted on all four sides above the roofline for 360-degree visibility.
  • Backup Alarm
  • Simple, One-Person Attachment Hook-up: Operators are able to drive the tractor into the attachment without needing a second person to hold up the mounting frame or PTO shaft. To accomplish this, both the push frame and PTO shaft are supported at the correct height for driving the tractor forward into the attachment.
  • Ultra-Brake System: The tractor brakes by way of the hydrostatic transmission, but if the service brake pedal is depressed, not only does it apply the service brake system, it triggers the Trackless Ultra-Brake System. This system changes the deceleration ramp of the hydrostatic transmission to become more aggressive. This advanced performance feature is one of the most important safety features of the MT7, as the machine must be able to stop suddenly and in the shortest distance possible by way of the operator’s natural reaction of simply applying the brake pedal. The Trackless Ultra-Brake System was designed specifically for this reason.
  • Enclosed Exhaust/After-Treatment System: This system eliminates the possibility of someone accidentally getting burned. Not only is it totally enclosed, but there is also no need to remove the side panel covering it because all daily checkpoints (battery cut-off switch, breaker switches, remote battery terminals, air breather access, oil filters, fuel filters, etc.) are on the left side. It is not only more convenient to have everything on the driver’s side, but is much safer to keep everyone away from the hot components that make up the after-treatment system.
  • Be Informed: Read your Owner’s Manual and have a full understanding of the controls and safety features.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Ensure all co-workers and pedestrians remain clear of moving parts before and during tractor operation. Remember that the tractor articulates in the middle. Keep all co-workers and pedestrians clear of the area between the cab and the rear of the tractor to prevent crushing injuries or death.
  • Keep hands and feet, as well as clothing and loose hair, away from all moving or rotating parts.
  • ALWAYS keep all guards and safety decals in place at all times. Replace damaged or missing decals immediately. 
  • ALWAYS wear your seat belt.
  • Know Your Work Area: For example, when cutting grass, be aware of obstacles such as trees, shrubs, and benches. For snow clearing, be aware of curbs and sidewalk obstacles that may be hidden by large snowfalls.
  • Be Aware of Rollover Hazards: When turning the tractor on slopes, regardless of connected attachments, always turn down, not up on uneven terrain. The maximum safe slope for operation is 18 degrees.
  • Never Leave Tractor Unattended: Always turn off the powered equipment, turn off the engine, set the parking brake and remove the key.
  • Be Informed: Always follow the recommended operating procedures as written in the attachment’s operator’s manual for each given attachment. Before operating the attachment, read and understand the pre-programmed joystick functions for the attachment.
  • Lifting Attachments: Remember to lift any attachments off the ground before turning the steering wheel when not moving. The attachment will drag sideways due to the articulating motion of the tractor.
  • Mowing in Dry Conditions: When cutting grass in dry conditions, ensure that you clean the rear/side breather panels with the supplied brush. Doing this daily will help prevent the engine and hydraulic oil temperature from rising and will keep dry/flammable clippings from accumulating around heat sources in the engine compartment.

Slope Safety

Under no circumstances should an operator mow on a side slope without having prior experience operating the tractor/mower combination and proper training from a supervisor and or a health and safety representative.

Never attempt to drive the tractor on a slope with winter loader lug tires or radial winter tires. The tractor must be fitted with either 13-1/2” wide turf tires or dual loader lug tires if mowing a slope.

The maximum side slope angle that can be mowed is 18°, provided the conditions allow the operator to do so and the operator has been trained in what to watch for in regards to irregularities in ground condition, depressions, washouts, rocks, soil type, etc.

While cutting on a side slope, do not try to turn uphill. Doing so shifts the center of gravity towards the downside of the slope, and could result in a rollover.

If the rear half of the tractor begins to slide downhill slightly, thereby aiming the tractor uphill at an angle, it is usually safer to turn up the hill and drive until the tractor is in a vertical climb position. The operator can then safely back the machine down the hill.

If any rear attachment is mounted on the rear of the tractor, the allowable slope angle is reduced by 50% to 9°.

The Boom Flail attachment can only be operated if dual loader lug tires and wheels are mounted on the tractor. Allowable slope angle is reduced to 5° in these situations.

trackless vehicles progressive turf 14' mower attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor mowing grass front view

Safety and Service Information at Your Fingertips

You operate the best equipment. Get the knowledge to use it safely and to the fullest.

Safety doesn’t have to be complicated; sometimes simple steps can make a big difference. Access tutorials, operator’s manuals, specifications and more for free on the Municipal Tractor University platform.