Caring for Your Municipality’s Green Spaces Just Got Easier

Trackless Vehicles brings you the MT7, coupling power and functionality into an amazing municipal tractor machine. Tackle any turf by pairing the MT7 with any of our summer grass attachments.

  • 25+ attachments, providing 4 season versatility
  • Full climate controls to keep you cool in the summer heat
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada
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A municipal tractor built for everyone. Tough, versatile, functional.

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Maintaining Your Green Spaces is Simple


Grass aeration plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health of your municipality or client’s green spaces. Our Aerator attachment is a unique tool, designed to expand your fleet’s versatility when it comes to lawn maintenance.

  • Tine discs turn with the tractor, increasing manoeuvrability.
  • 120 tines total.
  • Aerator width is 72″.
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Spray Arm

The Spray Arm attachment is multi-functional, making it the perfect addition to any Trackless fleet. The Spray Arm’s watering head was primarily designed to water hanging flower baskets. However, the attachment can also be utilized to water flower beds in remote locations.

  • The operator can rotate the entire boom assembly 180°; this allows the attachment to water on the tractor’s left or right side and any position in between.
  • The Spray Arm is equipped with a 40″ side shift.
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Summer Mowing Attachments Built for Professionals

Rotary Finishing Mower

Built tough to withstand everyday use, the Rotary Finishing Mower is ideal for municipal grounds maintenance, parks and reserves, airfields, and any other green spaces that need maintaining.

  • Easily mow up to 10 acres per hour.
  • 3 deck sizes available: 6′, 10′, 14′.
  • Joystick control allows for simultaneous mower wing movement.
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Boom Flail Mower

This robust attachment is the solution to those difficult-to-reach mowing areas that every municipality or contractor is faced with: ditches, steep inclines, waters-edge areas and more.

  • Front-mounted for optimal visibility and maneuverability.
  • Joystick controls for ease of operation.
  • Horizontal reach of 13 ½’ from the outside tire.
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Front Flail Mower

The Front Flail Mower was designed to cut heavy grass, weeds, scrub and more where regular rotary mowers just wouldn’t cut it. This attachment was built to withstand rugged terrains.

  • Enclosed mower housing and rubber safety skirts for added safety.
  • Front-mounted attachment provides even cut without turf damage.
  • 33 flail blades that can be easily resharpened.
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More Summer Attachments

80-Gallon Water Tank

trackless vehicles water tank attachment studio image
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14′ Boom Sprayer

trackless vehicles water tank attachment with 14' boom sprayer option studio image
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150-Gallon Water Tank

trackless vehicles water tank on dump body optional attachment studio image
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