Attachments Designed for Tree Clean-Up and Control

Trackless Vehicles brings you the MT7, coupling power and functionality into an amazing municipal tractor machine. Municipalities, parks departments and contractors will all love the functionality of our Tree Control attachments.


A municipal tractor built for everyone. Tough, versatile, functional.

Attachments for Tree Maintenace

Buffalo Turbine Debris Blower

The combination of the Trackless MT and Buffalo Turbine Debris Blower is ideal for leaf and debris clean-up in parks, cemeteries, trails and other areas where larger equipment is not practical. The Buffalo Turbine Debris Blower is powered by the MT’s front PTO.

  • A 12″ round nozzle is standard; optional shaped nozzles are available.

Leaf Loader

The Trackless Leaf Loader is an advanced and efficient leaf-loading attachment, whereby leaves are picked up curbside, mulched, and blown into a truck. The Leaf Loader can load up to four leaf debris trucks per hour and 100,000 pounds of leaves per day.

  • Operators can run the MT and Leaf Loader no matter the weather; the MT’s cab is fully climate-controlled.
  • 72″ throat opening.

Stump Grinder

The Trackless front-mounted Stump Grinder has a 24″ diameter rotor with 34 bolt-on carbide teeth. The tractor’s hydraulic system powers the Stump Grinder. Joystick controls provide precise and accurate operation.

  • Front-mounted for easy manoeuvrability.
  • 80° swing arc.
  • 15″ above ground and 14″ below ground cutting range.

Increase the Versatility of Your MT

Double Trip Plow

trackless vehicles double trip plow attachment on sidewalk tractor in snow front side view

Spray Arm

trackless vehicles mt7 machine and spray arm attachment with watering head watering flowers in flower bed

Boom Flail Mower

Front Flail Mower

trackless vehicles front flail mower attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor mowing grass side view

Ribbon Snowblower

See Our Tree Control Attachments in Action

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