The Ultimate Municipal Sweeping Attachments

Trackless Vehicles brings you the MT7, coupling power and functionality into an amazing municipal tractor machine. Our sweeping attachments were specifically designed with small spaces in mind, making them the perfect solution for tackling debris on sidewalks, bike lanes, walking paths and more!

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A municipal tractor built for everyone. Tough, versatile, functional.

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Sweeping Attachments for Every Use

Power Angle Sweeper

The Power Angle Sweeper can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks every month of the year, making it one of the most cost-effective and versatile attachments to own! In addition to sweeping snow, sand, gravel or other debris from sidewalks, bike lanes and walking paths, the Sweeper can be used to dethatch large lawns and playing fields.

  • Three bristle options to accommodate various applications: all poly, ½ poly and ½ wire, and all wire.
  • Six broom widths available: 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′ & 8′.
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Pickup Sweeper

The Trackless Pickup Sweeper is the ideal attachment for bike lane maintenance and sidewalk clean-up. The Sweeper is driven for one or more blocks collecting debris in its path, and is then emptied by a hydraulically-controlled bottom gate; this process ensures that dirt, gravel and other debris is completely removed from your town or city’s streets.

  • Rubber skirting on the sides and front help to control dust.
  • 48″ sweeping width.
  • Optional Spray Bar Kit is available for added dust suppression.
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Increase the Versatility of Your MT

Double Trip Plow

trackless vehicles double trip plow attachment on sidewalk tractor in snow front side view
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Spray Arm

trackless vehicles mt7 machine and spray arm attachment with watering head watering flowers in flower bed
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Debris Blower

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Leaf Loader

trackless vehicles leaf loader attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor loading leaves side view
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Boom Flail Mower

trackless vehicles boom flail mower attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor mowing grass in ditch rear view
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