As winter approaches, many face the challenge of maintaining safe sidewalks in the wake of snow and ice. Trackless offers a range of specialized attachments designed to address these challenges effectively. This post will explore four essential Trackless attachments – the Brine Sprayer, Snow Lion Ice-Breaker, Rear Mount Sidewalk Spreader, and Tow Behind Spreader – each playing a crucial role in enhancing sidewalk safety during winter weather.

Brine Sprayer: The Power of Liquid Salt Brine

The Trackless Brine Sprayer is a specialized anti-icing and de-icing system designed for liquid salt brine applications. Ideal for downtown core areas, this system prevents the bond of snow and ice from freezing to the sidewalk, making subsequent removal easier. The Brine Sprayer enhances safety and minimizes material and labour costs, which is crucial for municipalities and universities. Its targeted application ensures that materials are not tracked into nearby facilities, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.


Above: The 80-gallon rear-mounted Brine Sprayer from Trackless Vehicles.

Snow Lion Ice-Breaker: Double the Power, Double the Safety

The Trackless Snow Lion Ice-Breaker is engineered to pulverize ice and hard-packed snow, eliminating potential slip and fall hazards. With its double pulverizing roller system and spring-loaded, independent suspension-mounted cutters, this attachment provides optimal performance in high-risk areas like wheelchair ramps and tapered driveway crossings. Witnessing the Ice-Breaker attachment in action reveals its superior design, making it a standout choice for prioritizing pedestrian safety during winter.

Above: The Snow Lion Ice-Breaker from Trackless Vehicles.

Rear Mount Sidewalk Spreader: Precision and Efficiency

Designed explicitly for sidewalks, the Trackless Rear Mount Sidewalk Spreader is a game-changer in sidewalk maintenance. A 41″ spread width minimizes waste and turf damage associated with traditional spreaders. The hydraulic drive system, rotary dial switch for material dispensing adjustment, and easy attachment/removal with screw-jack stands ensure efficient material use, reducing overall costs. Combining it with the Power Angle Sweeper offers a comprehensive solution for clearing snow while spreading material. This provides a seamless winter maintenance strategy.

Above: The Rear Mount Sidewalk Spreader from Trackless Vehicles.

Tow Behind Spreader: Maximum Capacity, Minimal Waste

The Trackless Tow Behind Spreader boasts a 1-yard capacity and a generous spread distance of up to 22 kilometres (14 miles). Hydraulically driven with an electric actuator for precise control, it disperses material evenly in a diamond pattern, preventing waste and turf damage. With electric over hydraulic brakes, a heavy-duty screen, and innovative design features, this attachment ensures safety, efficiency, and reduced operational costs.

Above: The Tow Behind Spreader attachment from Trackless Vehicles.

Choose Trackless Vehicles

Trackless ice control attachments offer a well-rounded approach to sidewalk safety during winter, combining precision, efficiency, and innovation. Municipalities, universities, snow removal contractors and other institutions can benefit from these advanced solutions to create safer and more accessible public spaces, minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency in winter maintenance operations.

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