Bike paths and lanes have become a regular fixture on roadways across North America. These lanes allow cyclists to ride without interference from motorists, creating a safer environment for riders, drivers and pedestrians.

While some bike lanes are painted onto the roadway, many are separated from vehicle lanes with bollards, medians or raised curbs. These lanes with barriers prove challenging for many mainstream street sweepers to maintain due to size; on average, most bike lanes are 4 to 5 feet wide, much closer to the width of a sidewalk than a vehicle lane. Equipped with a 4’ Power Angle Sweeper or Pickup Sweeper, the Trackless Vehicles MT is the ideal tool for year-round maintenance of bike lanes.

The Trackless Pickup Sweeper attachment was explicitly designed for sidewalk and bike lane use. At 4’ wide, the attachment can collect debris such as dirt and gravel from bike paths and carry it to the operator’s desired dumping site. Rubber skirting around the bottom of the attachment helps to control dust, but municipalities may choose to add the spraying system kit for additional dust suppression.

The Trackless Power Angle Sweeper is another excellent option for municipalities looking for a solution to bike path debris. Available in 6 widths, this attachment can be put to work 365 days a year, inside and outside bicycle lanes. Additionally, this attachment can also be outfitted with a spraying system kit for dust suppression. 

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