Keeping bike paths, sidewalks, sports fields, and other surfaces clean is an ongoing battle, especially for property managers, parks departments, and municipalities. Fortunately, the Trackless Vehicles Power Angle Sweeper attachment offers a versatile and powerful solution for all your sweeping needs.

This attachment is specifically designed for sidewalk and bike lane maintenance, boasting a rotating broom head that efficiently tackles debris like leaves, sand, and gravel. The adjustable angle allows you to precisely target the sweep zone, ensuring a clean path for cyclists and pedestrians. But the Power Angle Sweeper’s applications extend far beyond bike paths.

Is a Power Angle Sweeper Right for You?

Multi-Surface Mastery

Forget needing a different tool for every job. The Power Angle Sweeper excels on a variety of surfaces. It handily cleans sidewalks, freeing them of dirt, leaves, and even winter grit. For sports fields, it loosens thatch buildup, promoting healthier turf growth. This attachment is a true all-rounder, saving you time and money.

Built to Tackle Any Season

The Power Angle Sweeper isn’t fazed by the changing seasons. During the warmer months, it keeps bike lanes and walkways free of debris. Come winter, it transforms into a reliable snow sweeper, clearing sidewalks and pathways for safe pedestrian access.

Power and Control at Your Fingertips

The Power Angle Sweeper seamlessly integrates with Trackless MT machines, utilizing their high-output hydraulics to drive the broom head. This ensures powerful and efficient sweeping, regardless of the material. An integrated safety valve protects the sweeper from overload situations, providing peace of mind during operation.

The Right Size for the Job

The Power Angle Sweeper isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Trackless Vehicles recognizes the diverse needs of their customers and offers the attachment in a range of widths. The standard 60-inch sweeper is ideal for bike paths and sidewalks, while wider options like 72-inch, 84-inch, and 96-inch models are perfect for tackling larger areas like parking lots.

Designed for Ease of Use

The Power Angle Sweeper prioritizes user experience. The scissor frame automatically centers the sweeping pattern, eliminating the need for constant adjustments. Colour-coded quick couplers ensure a fast and hassle-free connection to your Trackless MT. When not in use, the sweeper boasts integrated storage stands for convenient and space-saving storage.

Investing in Year-Round Cleanliness

The Power Angle Sweeper is an investment that pays off throughout the year. Its versatility means you can tackle many cleaning tasks with just one attachment. From keeping cyclists safe on debris-free paths to maintaining pristine sports fields and winter-ready sidewalks, this attachment is a true workhorse. Interested in ordering a Trackless MT and sweeper attachment? Get in touch with your local Trackless Vehicles dealer today, or visit our website to explore our range of products and discover the ideal attachment for elevating your spaces!

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