Trackless MT6: 2008 – 2016

Production of the Trackless MT6 began in 2008. A number of modern improvements were added to the MT6 machine, including decreased fuel consumption, a variety of new safety features, and a new look for the cab. The MT6 was powered by a 115hp Cummins Model QSB4.5 engine with 360lbs of torque. A number of new attachments were also added to the Trackless Vehicles line-up with the MT6.

MT6 Operator Safety Features

  • A neutral safety start prevents the engine from starting unless shifted into neutral.

  • A seat safety switch automatically shuts down the PTO shaft and any hydraulically powered attachment if the operator leaves the driver’s seat.
  • If the operator leaves the seat without placing the shifter into neutral, the engine will shut down.

  • Tractor has hydraulic brakes at each wheel. There is also a mechanical parking brake that can be applied if hydraulic brakes fail.

  • Cab is ROPS certified and there is a certification tag attached to the inside of the cab.

  • The tractor has reflective striping on both sides of cab and rear side hoods, as well as on the rear hood below the tail lights.

  • Tractor has a backup alarm activated by the forward / neutral / reverse lever.

  • The tractor has Safety, Danger, Caution and Pinch Point decals.

  • External lift cylinder switch controls the lift cylinders hydraulic flow which eliminates the need for a second person to operate the controls.

  • Orange seatbelt so supervisors at a quick glance can see if the operator is wearing it.

  • Seat belt interlock incorporates a safety interlock system which only allows the tractor to move when the seat belt is fastened.

MT6 Specifications

Neutral safety start switch std
Automatic hydraulic power shuts off if rotary mower wings raised std
Automatic engine shut down if operator leaves seat with shifter not in neutral position std
Recognition of generator / infrared automatically triggers additional safety interlock system to allow unmanned operation std
Application of service brake foot pedal activates more aggressive hydrostatic braking in conjunction with the 4 wheel service brakes std
Wire finger guard protection from engine fan blades std
Reflective striping on both sides and rear of tractor std
Pinch point, danger, caution decals std
Backup alarm std
Cummins Model
Tier 3 electronic
4.5L (274.5 cubic inch)
115 BHP @ 2,500 RPM
360 lb-ft @ 1,500 RPM
with charge air cooling
Equipped with cold start aid, block heater std
Air breather warning lamp std
Engine oil pan heater opt
Front PTO 13/8” spline, 540 RPM std
Twin Disc over center clutch with electric over hydraulic actuation std
Reduction box 4:1 std
Rear PTO 13/8” spline, 540 RPM opt
Front Trackless quick hitch with dual lift cylinders std
Rear Category 1, 3-point hitch with anti sway bar opt
Sauer Danfoss hydrostatic / electronic transmission and motor std
Control by electronic foot pedal programmed to control hydrostatic independently or both engine RPM and hydrostatic simultaneously std
Trackless mechanical transmission with high / low range and neutral std
Dana Model 60 full float axles with new heavy duty alloy spindles std
Limited slip differentials with 7,000 lb capacity std
High range lockout to prevent operation of attachments in high range opt
10:1 deep reduction planetary transmission. When coupled to mechanical transmission, 4 speed ranges instead of 2. Deep low is 0 to 3m (10ft) / min opt
Electric locking differentials front and rear with independent switches
When not engaged, differentials revert back to limited slip
Lockers will not engage in high range
Axle extensions for side slope mowing opt
20 g.p.m. hydraulic gear pump driven by timing gears of engine std
Joystick control with 8 backlit membrane switches, 3 float position switches also have additional LED indicator lights
Switches are colour coded to hydraulic circuits
6 (3-pair) low volume front hydraulic couplers for attachment control std
2 (1-pair) high volume hydraulic couplers to power attachments requiring approximately 14 g.p.m. std
2 (1-pair) additional ports in front of cab for addition of optional second high flow circuit std
2 (1-pair) high volume hydraulic couplers at rear of tractor std
2 (1-pair) high volume hydraulic couplers in front of cab opt
Cartridge type hydraulic filter mounted at highest point in system to allow dry changes std
Thermostatically controlled bypass from oil cooler for winter start up std
Steel hydraulic lines std
14 g.p.m. hydraulic gear pump, only driven when PTO clutch engaged opt
Low hydraulic oil warning opt
Hydraulic oil tank heater opt
Hydrostatic dynamic braking programmed for smooth deceleration std
Hydraulic service brakes on all 4 wheels std
Service brake application also activates more aggressive hydrostatic braking std
Mechanical parking brake with warning buzzer std
Articulated steering 35º each way std
Hydraulic orbitrol motor, hydraulic steering cylinder, tilt steering column std
Inside turning radius of approximately 8-feet std
Steering column includes hazard button, signal lever, center mounted horn std
High strength spherical bearings for pivot pins and steering pins std
Bearings and pins greaseable std
104 litres, 27 US gallons std
Low range 0 to 12 km (8 mph) std
High range 0 to 30 km (19 mph) std
Deep low range 0 to 3m (10ft) / min opt
All steel hoods; 4 hinged access doors, hinged rear grill std
Heavy duty 10 gauge steel fenders std
4 heavy duty tie down D rings std
Grease / lubrication chart decal under hood std
Dump body with hydraulic lift and automatic tailgate opt
Locking hoods opt
Locking fuel cap opt
Pintle hitch opt
25/16” ball hitch opt
Rear license plate bracket and light opt
SMV – slow moving vehicle sign opt
4 – Halogen headlights std
1 – Halogen backup light std
2 – Rubber mounted shockproof tail lights std
1 – Interior dome light std
Front and rear signal lights and 4-way flashers std
1 – Blue or amber strobe mounted on adjustable pedestal with quick disconnect twist lock wiring plug std
Second strobe light opt
Strobe per customer specifications opt
Second rear work light opt
Additional high mount rear tail lights opt
LED tail lights and signal lights opt
Headlight, signal / marker light guards opt
LT 245/75R x 16 10-ply radial winter tire on HD 16″ 8-bolt rims std
31 x 10.00 x 16.5 10-ply loader lug tires on HD 16.5″ 8-bolt rims opt
31 x 13.50 x 15 4-ply turf tires on HD 15″ 8-bolt rims opt
Dual loader lug tires (8) on 8 rims opt
Calcium fill opt
Calcium fill in tubes opt
All steel components including cab prepped in 5-stage phosphate wash. 2-part epoxy primer with rust inhibitor, 2-part poly urethane automotive top coat oven baked std
Latches, linkages, levers, batter hold down straps & bolts, support rods, striker plate, shifter gate and various small brackets zinc plated std
Colour highway yellow with black trim, grey / black interior std
Custom colour to customer specification opt
Certified R.O.P.S. cab structure std
Steel roof with rain gutters std
Full gauges; tachometer, speedometer, fuel level, engine coolant temp., hydaulic oil temp., engine oil pressure, voltmeter, hour meter std
3-speed heater defroster std
2 outside and 1 inside rear view mirror std
3-point retractable seat belt std
AM / FM / stereo, dual speakers, external aerial with amplifier std
Cup holder, cell phone holder, door pocket, storage tray std
12 volt power point auxilliary outlet for cell phone std
12 volt 2-way radio jacks std
Gas strut door cylinder ad safety strap std
Tilt steering column with horn, signal lever, hazard button std
3-speed pantograph wiper and windshield washer std
Conaflex sound deadening, sound barrier floor matting std
Operator’s Manual std
High back, fabric covered air ride seat with lumbar support std
Adjustable left arm rest, right adjustable free swing joystick arm rest std
Air conditioning with auxilliary heat and pressurization opt
Fire extinguisher opt
Log book case opt
Rear slider window opt
Intermittent front wiper opt
Rear wiper and washer opt
2-way radio to customer specified frequency opt
Backup camera opt
Atrol 2 tachograph opt
Slopemeter opt

Overall length including rear bumper 146.5″
Height to top of cab
(add 8¾” for air conditioning)
Track width with standard loader lug tires 49.5″
Overall width including fenders 50.5″
Weight with oils, coolant and full tank of fuel 6,240 lbs
(2,830 kg)