Equipping Your Trackless MT with Options

Equipping Your Trackless MT with Options

In the world of municipal maintenance, versatility is paramount. Enter the Trackless MT7—a compact, multi-purpose tractor renowned for its rugged performance and adaptability to a wide range of tasks. But what truly sets the MT7 apart is its extensive array of options, allowing owners and municipalities to customize the machine to suit their specific needs and maximize efficiency. Let’s delve into the diverse options available for the Trackless MT7 and how they can elevate your operations.

Exterior Options

Automatic Greasing System

The Automatic Greasing System provides daily greasing for the nine grease points in the centre section of the machine. Certain attachments can also be added for daily greasing needs.

Above: The Automatic Greasing System installed on a Trackless MT7.

Front Corner Window Guard

Left or right front corner window screens help protect the front corner windows during snow removal operations.

Front Tractor Weight Kit

Looking for a little extra traction while plowing? The 850-pound Front Tractor Weight Kit gives you extra traction on the front axle. It also provides 850 pounds of down pressure. The Front Tractor Weight Kit is easily removed when the machine is used in the spring, summer and fall.

Interior Options

High Range Lockout

We highly recommend that the Trackless MT be in low range when operating any attachment. This option enforces that and prevents the operator from working in high range.

Heated Seat

Prioritize operator comfort in the coldest months by outfitting your MT with a heated seat!

Other Options

TGPS Unit for MT7

The 7E1057 TGPS unit is a custom ECU produced by Trackless Vehicles that enables the interfacing of older GPS and AVL units to the more modern CAN-based system employed on the MT7. The TGPS system reads the tractor’s HMI CAN network and translates the CAN signal into discrete electrical signals.

Wifi Diagnostic for MT7

The WiFi diagnostic feature allows our electronic diagnostic team to connect directly to all 11 MT7 ECUs, including the engine ECU, using WiFi. This can reduce downtime and service calls should there be a problem or concern. After the one-time charge for the option, there are no fees or charges of any kind. Simply call Trackless Tech Support, and a technician will connect through your cell phone, allowing a connection anywhere there is cell phone service. This option complements the onboard diagnostic system that comes standard in every MT7 tractor.

Browse All Available Options

Interested in getting your hands on an option for your Trackless MT? Get in touch with your local Trackless dealer today!

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