Keeping a university or college campus looking its best is a constant challenge. Between sprawling green spaces, vibrant flower beds adorning walkways, and the iconic hanging baskets gracing residence halls, there’s a lot of ground to cover (literally!). The traditional methods of watering these diverse landscapes can be time-consuming and inefficient. Ladders become a safety hazard for reaching high-up hanging baskets, hoses leave you drenched, and lugging watering cans to distant flower beds eats away at precious time.

But fret no more, campus groundskeepers! The innovative Spray Arm attachment from Trackless Vehicles offers a convenient and efficient solution for all your watering needs.

Why Should Your Campus Have a Trackless Spray Arm Attachment?

The Hanging Basket Hero on Campus

Hanging baskets are a signature feature on many college campuses, adding a touch of floral charm to residence halls and student centers. However, watering them can be a challenge. The Trackless Spray Arm is here to save the day. Its long reach and maneuverable design allow you to precisely target hanging baskets from the comfort of the ground, delivering a controlled stream of water directly to the plants. No more precarious ladder climbing!

Precision Watering for Picture-Perfect Flower Beds

The Spray Arm isn’t just for high-hanging flora. University campuses often boast expansive flower beds, adding pops of colour and attracting pollinators. These beds can be located in remote areas, making traditional watering with hoses a chore. The Spray Arm’s impressive reach tackles this challenge effortlessly. Deliver targeted watering exactly where it’s needed.

Effortless Navigation Around Campus

The Spray Arm’s agility makes it perfect for navigating the diverse landscapes of a college campus. The entire boom assembly rotates 180 degrees, allowing you to effortlessly water flower beds or baskets on both sides of the Trackless MT. The secondary boom and watering head tilt mechanism provide further flexibility, ensuring you can reach even the most hidden corners without straining.

Saving Time and Resources for a Greener Campus

The Spray Arm prioritizes efficiency, allowing you to water hanging baskets and flower beds in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods. This translates to more time spent on other crucial landscaping tasks, like weeding or planting. Additionally, the pre-set timer ensures water isn’t wasted, promoting a more sustainable approach to campus maintenance.

A Well-Designed Solution for Busy Campuses

The lightweight design minimizes strain during operation, while the colour-coded quick couplers facilitate a fast and hassle-free connection to your Trackless MT vehicle. When not in use, the Spray Arm features integrated storage stands for convenient and space-saving storage – perfect for busy campus maintenance crews.

Embracing a Greener Future

College campuses are hubs of activity, learning, and community. Maintaining beautiful green spaces contributes to a sense of well-being for students, faculty, and staff, while also promoting biodiversity. By streamlining watering tasks and encouraging efficient water use, the Trackless Spray Arm plays a part in creating a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing campus environment. Let the Trackless Spray Arm take the pressure off, and focus on cultivating a thriving campus landscape. Interested in investing in a Trackless MT and Spray Arm attachment? Get in touch with your local Trackless Vehicles dealer today, or visit our website to explore our range of products and discover the ideal attachment for elevating your spaces!

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