Not every overgrown area is created equal. Airports, university campuses, parks departments, and municipalities all have their fair share of challenging zones – steep ditches, overgrown embankments, and areas around waterways that are difficult, unsafe, or even impossible to mow with traditional equipment. These areas become eyesores and can even pose safety hazards. But there’s a solution that tackles them all: the Trackless Boom Flail Mower.

Designed for Demanding Tasks

The Trackless Boom Flail Mower is the ultimate tool for tackling overgrown and hard-to-reach areas. Its 32 heavy-duty forged steel knives and 43.5-inch cutting width can shred through tall grass, weeds, brush, hedges, and even small trees. The mower boasts an impressive 13.5-foot vertical reach and a horizontal reach of 13.5 feet from the tractor tire, allowing you to easily conquer slopes, ditches, and areas over guardrails.

trackless vehicles boom flail mower attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor mowing grass in ditch rear view

Above: A Trackless MT7, equipped with a Boom Flail Mower, mows beyond a guardrail.

Safety and Operator Comfort

The Trackless Boom Flail Mower prioritizes operator safety and comfort. Unlike traditional side- or rear-mounted flail mowers, the front-mounted design offers superior visibility, reduces operator fatigue, and allows for a quicker reaction time to obstacles. Smooth hydrostatic control provides the operator with complete control over ground speed, eliminating the need for constant gear shifting and allowing them to focus on the job at hand. Convenient joystick controls manage all boom functions, making operation intuitive and efficient.

Versatility and Efficiency

The Trackless Boom Flail Mower is built for versatility. Detachable in just 10 minutes, it can be quickly swapped for other attachments, transforming your Trackless MT into a multi-purpose machine. This allows you to move efficiently from job to job without the need for dedicated equipment for each task. The compact size of the mower, combined with the Trackless MT’s dual wheels, minimizes interference with traffic, making it ideal for roadside maintenance and navigating busy work zones.

Above: A Trackless MT7, equipped with a Boom Flail Mower, mows alongside a river.

Built to Last

The Trackless Boom Flail Mower is engineered for durability. Heavy-duty construction ensures it can handle tough terrain and demanding jobs. A hydraulic break-back system protects the mower from damage if it encounters unexpected obstacles. Counterweights maintain stability even when the boom is fully extended.

With the Trackless Boom Flail Mower, you can conquer those tough mowing challenges and keep your property looking its best. It’s the perfect solution for airports, universities, parks departments, municipalities, and any organization facing overgrown areas that need to be tackled safely, efficiently, and with minimal disruption.

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