Cracked sidewalks and potholed asphalt are eyesores that can pose potential hazards for pedestrians and cyclists. Fortunately, the Cold Planer attachment from Trackless Vehicles offers a powerful and efficient solution for sidewalk maintenance and other common problems.

Why a Trackless Cold Planer Attachment?

Designed for Sidewalk Perfection

The Cold Planer is a game-changer for concrete sidewalk maintenance. Its rotating drum, equipped with strategically placed picks, precisely grinds down elevation differences across sidewalk surfaces. This allows for targeted repairs, minimizing the amount of quality concrete that needs to be replaced. The Cold Planer is especially adept at handling uneven surfaces or areas around obstacles like manhole covers and curbs.

Double Duty: Asphalt Repair Made Easy

While the Cold Planer excels at concrete work, its versatility doesn’t stop there. Trackless Vehicles offers an asphalt drum option, transforming this attachment into a reliable tool for asphalt repair. This makes it ideal for tackling potholes, utility cuts, and uneven asphalt surfaces.

Precision Control for a Flawless Finish

The Cold Planer prioritizes operator control. Tilt, depth, and side shift controls allow for precise maneuvering, ensuring a clean and even removal of damaged material. This meticulous approach minimizes the need for additional handwork after the planing process, saving you time and resources.

The Power of Choice: Concrete or Asphalt?

Understanding the specific needs of the job at hand is crucial. Trackless Vehicles offers the Cold Planer with two distinct drum options: concrete and asphalt. The concrete drum features a higher number of picks and operates at a faster speed, making it ideal for efficiently grinding down damaged concrete. On the other hand, the asphalt drum is designed for a smoother operation, perfect for tackling asphalt repairs without damaging the surrounding material.

trackless vehicles cold planer attachment concrete drum option close-up

 Above: The concrete Cold Planer drum features more picks for efficient grinding.

trackless vehicles cold planer attachment asphalt drum option close-up

 Above: The asphalt drum requires less picks.

Unlocking the Trackless Advantage

The Cold Planer is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Trackless MT machines. These powerful tractors boast a 10:1 planetary deep reduction transfer case, allowing for incredibly slow and precise maneuvering—essential for controlled planing. This unique combination ensures smooth and surge-free operation, minimizing operator fatigue and maximizing efficiency.

A Compact Solution for Big Problems

Unlike large, traditional milling machines, the Cold Planer offers a compact, maneuverable alternative. This makes it perfect for tackling repairs in tight spaces or around sensitive infrastructure. Its size also allows for easier transportation and storage, adding to its user-friendliness.

Investing in Long-Term Value

The Cold Planer attachment is an investment that pays off in the long run. Enabling targeted repairs of concrete sidewalks and asphalt surfaces helps to prevent further damage and extend the lifespan of these essential infrastructure elements. This translates to significant cost savings over time. Interested in ordering a Trackless MT and Cold Planer attachment? Get in touch with your local Trackless Vehicles dealer today, or visit our website to explore our range of products and discover the ideal attachment for elevating your spaces!

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