Check this out! The Trackless sales team dug up this magazine article from CIVIC Public Works, originally published in September 1989 and written by Janice Samuels.

The article highlights a new way to clear sidewalks: a Power Angle Sweeper! The Power Angle Sweeper is a great tool to use for snow removal when snow is dry and powdery. The article also features quotes from a number of Ontario municipalities and describes their experiences using a Power Angle Sweeper in the winter months.

While we have added a number of innovative attachments to our collection since 1989, our Power Angle Sweeper remains a great tool for year-round use! From snow removal to grass thatching to sweeping sand off sidewalks in the spring, this attachment is as versatile as it gets. Have questions about getting your hands on a Power Angle Sweeper attachment? Contact your nearest dealer today or get in touch with us directly.