The snow has melted, the ice has vanished, and spring’s vibrance is upon us. But what about your dependable Trackless MT7? Don’t think for a second that this municipal powerhouse is relegated to winter duties. The beauty of the MT7 lies in its incredible versatility. Sure, our winter attachments are champions at conquering snow and ice, but with a few clever swaps, your MT7 can morph into a year-round maintenance machine for your city!

Spring into Action: Clean Streets

Spring is a time for renewal; your city’s sidewalks and streets are no exception. When you put the snow plow away for storage over the summer, why not embrace the power of a Power Angle Sweeper? Imagine transforming your MT7 into a sidewalk-cleaning champion, removing winter’s grit and grime, and leaving a sparkling path for pedestrians and cyclists!

trackless vehicles pickup sweeper attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor side view

Above: A Trackless Vehicles MT7, equipped with the Pickup Sweeper attachment and Spray Bar Kit option, clean a bike path.

Perhaps your city has seen a boom in spring bike traffic? Consider a Pickup Sweeper! This attachment was designed explicitly for sidewalk and bike lane use and will make a fantastic addition to your Trackless fleet.

Summer Green Spaces

As the sun heats things up, the MT7 can become an essential tool for maintaining your city’s green spaces. Swap the sweeper for a Rotary Mower attachment to ensure your parks and lawns are in prime condition this spring. With this attachment, your MT7 transforms into a manicured lawn champion, keeping parks and public spaces looking their best!

trackless vehicles boom flail mower attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor mowing grass front view

Above: A Trackless Vehicles MT7 equipped with a Boom Flail Mower maintaining a walking path.

Does your city boast extensive walking trails? Consider investing in a Boom Flail Mower, perfect for efficiently clearing tall grass and brush, ensuring a safe and enjoyable passage for pedestrians.

And if you’re looking to tackle overgrown meadows and other green spaces, try the Trackless Front Flail Mower! This tough attachment can easily maintain areas of tall grass, weeds and brush.

Autumn Maintenance

Fall brings vibrant foliage and a gentle reminder that winter is on the horizon. This is the perfect time to leverage the MT7’s multi-seasonality. While you might dust off the trusty snow plow in preparation for the first snowfall, fall is also prime time for some essential maintenance tasks.

Above: A Trackless MT7 equipped with a Leaf Loader attachment is an ideal attachment for municipal leaf clean-up.

The Trackless Leaf Loader is a champion for municipalities. This multi-tasking marvel collects, mulches, and blows leaves directly into waiting trucks, handling up to 4 trucks per hour or 100,000 pounds of leaves. Imagine the efficiency boost for your fall operations! Plus, the operator enjoys the comfort and protection of a climate-controlled cab, making light work of those crisp autumn days.

For park and pathway maintenance, the Buffalo Turbine Debris Blower attachment is your friend. The Debris Blower blows leaves and other debris from parks and walking trails, making autumn clean-up a “breeze.”

Don’t forget those unsightly stumps lingering from summer! We recommend our Stump Grinder attachment for all your autumn stump clean-up needs. Its 34 carbine teeth make it a powerful tool that is also easy to maneuver.

The MT7: Your City’s Year-Round Workhorse

So, don’t let your Trackless MT7 gather dust in the off-season! With a bit of creativity and the right attachments, you can maximize your investment and transform your MT7 into a year-round asset for your city. From keeping sidewalks clean in the spring to maintaining vibrant green spaces in summer and preparing for winter’s return in fall, the MT7 is a true workhorse, ready to tackle any task your city throws its way. Contact your local Trackless dealer to learn more about getting more versatile attachments for your Trackless MT.

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