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The Water Tank and Pump Kit adds a convenient, portable water supply to the Trackless MT which can be utilized for a number of applications. Predominately sold with any one of our sweeping attachments or cold planers, it provides a means of controlling the dust that would otherwise be scattered into the air creating a hazard for the operator or anyone else nearby.

The kit consists of a rear-mounted 80 U.S. gallon chemical resistant tank, 12V pump, relief valve and hoses. Because of its popularity, all Trackless MTs have electrical wiring, hose and switch pre-installed, ready to accept this spraying system. A front-mount spray bar kit is available for each type of sweeper as well as a variety of other spray bars for brine spray applications. The system includes an adjustable relief valve and gauge for adjusting spray pressure and pressure filter.

A 14-foot wide spray boom is also available which mounts to the rear of the water tank frame. The boom folds inward for easy transportation and features a break-away system working in both forward and reverse directions. When spraying a lawn, marking your way is easily achieved simply by cutting the grass at the same time. With our 14-foot rotary mower.


Tank Capacity 80 US Gallons
300 Liters
Tank Material Chemical resistant polyethylene
Pump 12V chemical resistant electric diaphragm
Max Pressure 50 psi
Model Length Width Height Weight
Water Tank 38"

*Measurements are approximate.*

*For detailed tender specifications, contact Trackless Vehicles sales department.*

Spray Bar Kits

Trackless Utility Rear-Mount Spray Boom

14' Rear-Mount Spray Boom

When working large areas of green space, you can mow with our 14-foot Rotary Mower and spray the same 14-feet at the same time.

Trackless Utility Sweeper Spray Bar Kit

Spray Bar Kit for Sweepers

Mounted to the top hood of the Power Angle Sweeper, these spray bar kits are available in standard or custom widths to match the size of the sweeper.

Trackless Utility Spray Nozzle Kit for Cold Planers

Spray Nozzle Kit for Cold Planers

Our asphalt milling Cold Planer attachment can create a cloud of dust. Adding a spray nozzle will keep it under control and help lubricate the millings.

Trackless Utility Spray Kit for Pickup Sweeper

Spray Bar Kit for Pickup Sweeper

Attaching just above the front caster wheel, this spray bar will help your Pickup Sweeper pick up more debris by wetting it down before it enters the sweeper body.

Trackless Utility Brine Pump and Spray Bar Kit

Brine Pump and Spray Bar Kit

A 3-nozzle spray bar mounted to the bottom of the water tank frame is available for applying salt brine, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, etc.

Other Options

Trackless Utility High Mount Tail Light Kit

High Mount Tail Light Kit

When mounted, the Water Tank can decrease the visibility of the tractor's tail lights. This kit will add a second set of tail lights to the rear of the cab.