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Applying salt, sand or a mixture of the two is the most effective way of deicing paved surfaces and is an essential part of a sidewalk maintenance program where the winter can turn a sidewalk into a hazard for pedestrians. However, finding an economical way to apply these materials can be difficult. A solution that conserves material while minimizing waste ultimately leads to reduced fuel costs and minimize the overall cost of operation.

Sidewalk Design

The Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader was specifically engineered for sidewalk applications. By dispensing a 41-inch spread width, it is designed to avoid the waste and turf damage often associated with broadcast type spreaders. The delivery roller further conserves material by spreading it evenly in a diamond pattern rather than a solid layer. Making efficient use of the spread material will allow you to go farther, prolonging the need to return for a refill saving material, labour and fuel costs.

A hydraulic drive system powers the agitator and delivery roller while an adjustment lever adjusts the amount of material being dispensed. Three screw-jack stands enabled a single person to safely attach or remove the spreader without the aid of a lifting device. The lid will keep moisture out and prevent salt or sand from being drawn into the engine compartment.

Many of our customers opt to use the front-mounted Power Angle Sweeper to sweep snow from sidewalks as they spread sand or salt. With separate hydraulic systems powering the sweeper and spreader, they can be independently engaged or disengaged.

A switch allows the operator to select run or auto run. In auto run mode the sander automatically stops spreading whenever the tractor stops or is shifted into reverse. Without this feature an operator can go through material three times as fast if they do not physical shut the sander off and on up to several hundred times per day. Run mode allows the sander to run constantly.


Spread width 41" (1041mm)
Capacity ½ cubic yard
Spread distance 3 to 8 miles (4 to 12km)
Drive Hydraulic
Agitators 1
Safety Galvanized safety screen
Screw jacks for removal 3
Zinc plated lift hooks 2
Model Length Width Height Weight
Rear-Mount Spreader 31"

*Measurements are approximate.*

*For detailed tender specifications, contact Trackless Vehicles sales department.*

MT Prerequisites

You will need to have these options installed on the Trackless MT to be able to use this attachment.

Municipal Tractor Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader Dump Body

Dump Body

The Dump Body allows you to double your distance by carrying an additional load of material on your Trackless MT. Hydraulically raising the dump body will replenish your rear spreader prolonging the need for a refill.

Municipal Tractor Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader Hopper Tail Light Kit

Hopper Tail Light Kit

For additional safety, a tail light bar kit can be added.

Municipal Tractor Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader Triple Agitator

Triple Agitator

Add two additional agitators inside the hopper body to prevent material from bridging causing unnecessary stops to clear the blockage.

Municipal Tractor Rear-Mount Sidewalk Spreader High Mount Tail Light Kit

High Mount Tail Light Kit

Standard with the dump body, this tail light kit can be added for any attachment.