The Trackless Leaf Loader has made quite the splash in the press this season as municipalities struggle to find an effective and efficient tool for leaf clean-up before the debris causes storm drain blockages and traffic issues.

A recently published Wall Street Journal article highlights the Leaf Loader as an efficient alternative to previously-used leaf vacuums.

An article by David Brooks of the Concord Monitor explained that the City of Concord originally purchased a Trackless Leaf Loader last year as a COVID-friendly alternative to the city’s previous leaf collection methods. The Trackless MT7 keeps the operator safe from the outdoor elements and requires assistance from far fewer municipal employees to keep the streets clean. Since the beginning of November, Cassidy Jensen of the Concord Monitor reported that Concord General Services had collected over 850 tons of leaves.

Trackless Vehicles isn’t shocked at the reactions our Leaf Loader is getting in the press; it was designed for faster leaf pick-up because we know efficiency is key when it comes to leaf clean-up!

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