Fall leaf clean-up may not be top of mind for you right now, but it should be! It’s time to start thinking about the annual challenge of managing falling leaves. Municipalities often grapple with the cost and logistics of leaf collection programs. The Trackless Leaf Loader is the premiere choice for municipalities looking for an efficient way to tackle leaf cleanup while saving time and resources.

Discover the Leaf Loader

The Trackless Leaf Loader, designed for municipal use, revolutionizes the leaf collection process. This advanced attachment picks up leaves curbside, mulches them, and efficiently loads them into trucks for offsite disposal. The result? A faster, more streamlined leaf collection program that benefits both municipalities and residents.

trackless leaf loader performing leaf cleanup and leaf collection on a municipality's street in autumn

Above: A Trackless MT7, equipped with a Leaf Loader attachment, can streamline your town’s leaf collection efforts.

Faster Pick Up

The Trackless Leaf Loader boasts an impressive capability of loading four trucks per hour or handling up to 100,000 pounds of leaves per day. Municipalities using this attachment often find themselves three to four weeks ahead of schedule by the end of the leaf pickup season, thanks to its rapid performance.

Heavier Loads & Fewer Trips

By mulching loose leaves, the Leaf Loader reduces their volume by up to one-tenth. This efficient mulching process allows more material to fit into trucks, resulting in fewer trips to the collection center. As environmental regulations tighten, mulching and composting are becoming mandatory steps in leaf disposal or recycling, making the Leaf Loader an essential tool for staying ahead of sustainability goals.

Reduce Labor, Increase Comfort

The Trackless MT7’s enclosed, heated cab provides operators with a safe and comfortable working environment, regardless of weather conditions. Rain, snow, or cold weather won’t hinder the operator or the Leaf Loader’s performance, ensuring uninterrupted leaf pickup even when leaves are stuck or frozen to the pavement.

Cost Savings

Municipalities benefit from significant cost savings with the Trackless MT7 and Leaf Loader combo. By reducing labour requirements, minimizing fuel consumption through fewer trips, and aligning with environmental regulations, these innovative tools offer a cost-effective solution for fall leaf cleanup.

Invest in a Trackless Leaf Loader This Year

The Trackless MT7 and Leaf Loader combo offer municipalities a cost-effective, efficient solution for fall leaf cleanup. With faster pickup, reduced labour, and enhanced comfort for operators, this dynamic duo is poised to transform leaf collection programs and streamline autumn maintenance for communities everywhere. Contact your local Trackless dealer to learn more about adding a Leaf Loader to your Trackless fleet!

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