Trackless Vehicles has launched an online service platform just for Trackless customers and users: Municipal Tractor University!

Through MTU, customers will be able to access:

  • Tractor Manuals (MT7 and MT Classic Manuals)
  • How-To Guides and Troubleshooting Documents
  • Parts Catalogues for Tractors and Attachments
  • Tractor and Attachment Specifications
  • Tractor Brochures and Attachment Flyers
  • Safety Information
  • Detailed MT5, MT6 and MT7 electrical, software and mechanical documents
  • And more!

There are a few ways to access Municipal Tractor University:

  • Through the “Service – MTU” link in the Trackless Vehicles website menu (you’ll find this under “For Owners”)
  • By entering “” into any browser
  • By downloading the mobile app “Canto DAM” and entering the URL “” into the app

We hope you’ll find MTU to be an awesome resource for all things Trackless! Here are a few documents from MTU to help you get started:


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