We’ve all been there, digging through desk drawers and trying to find the owner’s manual, which you know is lying around somewhere. Trackless knows that feeling. That’s why all our MT and attachment manuals are now available for FREE download online on Municipal Tractor University!

What is Municipal Tractor University?

MTU is an online resource offering free access to troubleshooting documents, manuals, parts catalogues, tutorial videos, and more! This comprehensive platform ensures that all the information you need is at your fingertips. Click here to explore MTU, and click here to learn more about the platform.

Trackless has also launched a new decal featuring QR codes that will take you straight to the English and French manual folders on Municipal Tractor University! These decals are rolling out in all our new tractors (located inside the cab door) that are coming off the line. Additionally, these decals are available to all MT owners! If you own any Trackless MT and want a QR code decal for your machine, click here to order a QR code decal, free of charge! Just give us a few weeks for order processing and shipping.

How do QR codes work?

Most modern smartphones are equipped with technology allowing them to scan QR codes through the phone’s camera system automatically. Simply open your phone’s camera, focus on the QR code, and select the link that pops up. That link will take you to the corresponding manual folder on MTU.

If your smartphone is not equipped with automatic QR code reading technology, you can visit your phone’s app store (Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS devices) and download a free QR code reader. QR codes offer a quick and convenient way to access essential information without the need to search manually.

Why Choose Trackless?

At Trackless, we prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience. Our initiative to provide easily accessible manuals and resources online is a testament to our commitment to supporting our customers. We understand that having quick access to information can significantly improve the efficiency of maintaining and operating your machinery. By leveraging digital solutions like MTU and QR codes, we aim to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Interested in adding a Trackless MT to your fleet? Or maybe you’re looking to get your hands on another attachment? Contact your local Trackless dealer today!

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