Trackless Vehicles is pleased to announce our latest attachment, now available for order: the Trackless Spray Arm! If watering hanging baskets and other garden beds is a hassle for your municipality, the Watering Arm attachment is the solution.

Impressive to all operators is the ability to move the watering head by way of the main boom, secondary boom, watering head tilt and side shift, while at the same time being able to rotate the entire boom assembly 180 degrees to water on the left side of the tractor.

The rotary dial within the MT allows the operator to select how many litres of water they wish to disperse per hanging plant. Setting the deal to 0 will disperse 1/2 litre, setting the dial to 1 will disperse 1 litre, 2 will disperse 2 litres, etc. Setting the dial to 9 allows the operator to press and hold the joystick button for a continuous flow of water.

To supply water to the Spray Arm, either our 80-gallon tank or 150-gallon tank is required.

Does the Spray Arm sound like an attachment you want to get your hands on? Get in touch with us or contact your nearest dealer for more information!