The Trackless Spray Arm: Watering Made Simple

The Trackless Spray Arm: Watering Made Simple

If you’re in the business of maintaining public green spaces, you know that watering hanging plants and remote flower beds can be a logistical challenge. Enter the Trackless Vehicles Spray Arm attachment—an innovative solution designed to make watering easier, more efficient, and highly precise. This attachment, compatible exclusively with the MT7 model tractor, is a game-changer for anyone tasked with the upkeep of plants in hard-to-reach places.

Precise Watering at Your Fingertips

The Trackless Spray Arm is primarily designed for watering hanging plants, but its versatility extends to flower beds in remote locations. What sets this attachment apart is its precision control system. A rotary dial switch allows operators to select the exact amount of water to disperse per plant. Here’s how it works:

  • Setting 0: Dispenses ½ litre.
  • Setting 1: Dispenses 1 litre.
  • Setting 2: Dispenses 2 litres.
  • Up to Setting 9: Allows for a continuous flow when the joystick button is pressed and held.

This precise control ensures that each plant gets just the right amount of water, conserving water and preventing overwatering.

trackless vehicles mt7 machine and spray arm attachment with watering head watering flowers in flower bed

Above: A close-up image of the Spray Arm’s watering head.

Seamless Operation

One of the standout features of the Spray Arm is its ease of use. Operators can:

  • Maneuver into Position: Easily position the watering head for optimal watering.
  • Activate Water Flow: Use the on/off button on the joystick.
  • Timed Watering: Wait for the watering cycle to complete.

Once the water shuts off, the operator can efficiently move the watering head back toward the tractor and proceed to the next plant. Depending on obstacles, the operator can also side shift and rotate the arm to the front of the tractor before moving on. This flexibility ensures that watering tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.

Unmatched Maneuverability for Effortless Reach

The Spray Arm offers remarkable maneuverability. Operators can:

  • Adjust the Watering Head: Via the main boom, secondary boom, watering head tilt, and side shift.
  • Rotate the Boom Assembly: The entire boom assembly can rotate 180 degrees, allowing for watering on either side of the tractor.

This range of motion makes it easy to navigate around obstacles and ensures that no plant is out of reach.

Fuel Your Watering Needs with Two Tank Options

To supply water, you can choose between two tank options:

  • Rear-Mounted 80-Gallon Tank: A compact and efficient option.
  • 150-Gallon Stainless Tank: Offers a larger capacity and additional options for spraying brine or other ice control solutions, making it a versatile choice for year-round use.

Exclusively for the MT7 Tractor

The Trackless Spray Arm is specifically designed for use with the MT7 tractor model, ensuring seamless integration and maximizing the versatility of your Trackless fleet.

Get in a Trackless MT7

Transform your watering routine with the Trackless Spray Arm. Contact your local Trackless dealer today to learn more about how this innovative attachment can save you time and resources.

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