We’re leaving winter behind and looking forward to summer! But that means getting to that spring cleaning to-do list. But don’t worry; Trackless has all your spring tasks covered! Read on to find out which attachments you’ll want to outfit your MT this season.

Grass Maintenance

Rotary Finishing Mower

If you’re looking to make the first cut of the season, you’ll want a mower that has power. The Trackless Rotary Finishing Mower is perfect for municipalities, contractors, parks departments and beyond. Available in three widths, 6’, 10’ and 14’, the Rotary Finishing Mower is easy to manoeuvre. Safety switches ensure wing blades cease rotation when wings are raised.


Building a healthy green space begins with the Trackless Aerator. Improving soil drainage and encouraging worms and microbes will help control lawn thatch and reduce soil compaction, promoting root growth and a healthier, thicker top side. This front-mounted attachment features tine discs that swivel with the movements of the tractor, allowing the operator to easily manoeuvre around obstacles.

Parks Maintenance

Stump Grinder

Stump removal becomes quick work with the Trackless Stump Grinder. The 24-inch diameter rotor on the Stump Grinder has 34 bolt-on carbide teeth and is powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system. With the Trackless joystick, movements are exact and easy for the operator when lowering, tilting, or maneuvering the cutting head.

Front End Loader

Let Trackless do the heavy lifting! The Trackless Front End Loader attachment is ideal for various jobs required by public works departments or grounds maintenance departments. Smooth, accurate control of the loader by way of the joystick combined with the articulated steering of the tractor allows the operator to manoeuvre with precision and place material exactly where required. Additionally, the attachment is self-levelling.

Pickup Sweeper & Power Angle Sweeper

The winter battle can leave a considerable accumulation of sand and debris on sidewalk surfaces. Your solution is a Trackless sweeper! The Trackless Pickup Sweeper is the ideal attachment for your sidewalk spring clean-up, as it can be driven to collect any debris in its path and then emptied by a hydraulically controlled bottom gate. The Power Angle Sweeper can be used for a variety of functions; in addition to sweeping sand, gravel or other debris from sidewalks and parking lots, the sweeper can also be used to dethatch large lawns and playing fields in the summer or remove snow from sidewalks in the winter.

Concrete and Asphalt Maintenance

Cold Planer

Sidewalk maintenance doesn’t stop when the snow melts! Winter freeze/thaw cycles often leave sidewalks with elevation differences, which may be hazardous to pedestrians. A Public Works Department equipped with a Trackless Cold Planer attachment has the ability to repair asphalt and concrete surface damages in a cleaner, faster and more cost-effective manner, saving the city from unnecessary costs.

Line and Stencil Painter

A parking lot is often the first place that pedestrians or visitors see when they arrive on a property, and they will greatly appreciate it if it’s freshly painted and well-marked! The Trackless Line and Stencil Painter lays down clear, neat parking lot lines and surface markings that instantly boost property appearance and ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers.