As the leaves change and begin to fall, we all recognize that winter is coming, and with it snow and icy conditions. Trackless Vehicles is ready for winter, are you?

Ribbon Snowblower
The Trackless Ribbon Snowblower is a snow blowing machine designed for high output. This top-selling attachment is a must-have for municipalities across North America and beyond. While the Ribbon Snowblower was designed for sidewalk use, the attachment is available in two sizes: 51” and 60”. The operator can fit the attachment with three separate chutes: a sidewalk chute for regular use, a fixed truck-loading chute, and a telescopic chute, which can extend from the length of a sidewalk chute to the length of a truck-loading chute. For information on our 75” and 84” Ribbon Snowblowers, please contact our Sales Department.

Snow Lion Ice-Breaker
The Snow Lion Ice-Breaker is the newest winter attachment in the Trackless Vehicles collection. Preventing slips and falls is a priority for municipalities, and the Ice-Breaker is an ideal solution. The attachment’s spring-loaded cutters are mounted with independent suspension and were specifically designed to crush ice from sidewalk and parking lot surfaces, providing traction to pedestrians. Hard-packed snow that can build up over time will also be broken up by the Snow Lion Ice-Breaker. The cutters are able to dip in and out of low areas like wheelchair ramps and tapered pedestrian crossings. For municipalities looking for a solution for icy surfaces, the Snow Lion Ice-Breaker is a must-have attachment.

Trackless Vehicles has a wide range of winter attachments to help your municipality fight the winter battle. Locate your nearest Trackless Vehicles dealer and equip your municipality for the upcoming season.

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