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A parking lot is often the first place that pedestrians or visitors see when they arrive on a property and they will greatly appreciate if it's freshly painted and well marked. Clear, neat parking lot lines and surface markings will instantly boost a property's appearance and ensure safety of pedestrians and drivers.

The Trackless Paint & Stencil Painter attachment can be used for both straight line painting and stencil painting. For straight line painting, simply remove the cart, set up the spray gun and lay down a fresh line of paint. For stencil painting, retrieve a stencil from one of two stencil drawers and use the hand wand sprayer and hose reel to paint the arrow, handicap symbol or any other symbol as required.

With attachments available for asphalt and concrete repair, sweeping, plowing and painting, a public works department equipped with a Trackless MT is more than capable of performing parking lot maintenance tasks which are often outsourced to property maintenance companies.

Trackless Multi-Purpose Municipal Paint And Stencil Painter
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Mount Front mount utilizing quick hitch
Paint Pump Hydraulics
Pump 2.7 gpm @ 3300 psi
Reversible Tips .625, .321 & .515
Storage Two 5 gallon pails
Safety   3 orange pylons
Model Length Width Height Weight
Line & Stencil Painter 76"

*Measurements are approximate.*

*For detailed tender specifications, contact Trackless Vehicles sales department.*