National Public Works Week is here! It’s a great time to say “thanks” to the amazing people who keep our communities humming along. These are the folks behind the scenes, fixing roads, clearing snow, and making sure our water is clean. They’re the unsung heroes we don’t always think about, but their work makes a huge difference in our daily lives.

The Vital Role of Public Works Employees

Public works employees are dedicated and tough. They put in long hours, often in tough conditions, to keep things running smoothly. They’re the backbone of our towns and cities, always there to tackle whatever comes their way, from potholes after a bad winter to clearing up after a storm. Their skills and commitment are what keep us safe and make our communities great places to live.

Versatile Solutions for PWX Teams

At Trackless Vehicles, we know how important public works employees are. That’s why we’re proud to make machines that help them do their jobs better. To make the Trackless MT7 the most versatile machine it can be, we offer over 30 different attachments, ensuring there’s a tool for just about any task.

Mowing Attachments

Need to mow parks or clear a roadside? We’ve got mower attachments that make it a breeze. Choose from our popular Boom Flail Mower, Front Flail Mower or Rotary Finishing Mower to tackle your green spaces.

trackless vehicles boom flail mower attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor mowing grass in ditch rear view

Above: A Trackless MT7, equipped with a Boom Flail Mower, mows weeds beyond a roadside guard rail.

Snow and Ice Control Attachments

Have a snowstorm coming? Our Trackless MT can be equipped with a wide range of snow and ice control attachments to help keep your communities safe and accessible for everyone. Our 5-Position Folding V-Plow, Ribbon Snowblower and Rear Mount Sidewalk Spreader are just a few of our popular winter attachments!

trackless vehicles double trip plow attachment on sidewalk tractor in snow side view

Above: A Trackless MT7, equipped with a Double Trip Plow, plows a sidewalk outside a school.

Tree Control Attachments

Need an attachment to help with autumn leaf cleanup? Look no further than Trackless Vehicles! Our Leaf Loader is the perfect attachment for removing leaves from neighbourhood streets. As well, our Debris Blower attachment is the perfect tool for leaf cleanup across green spaces, such as parks.

trackless vehicles leaf loader attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor loading leaves front view

Above: A Trackless MT7 collects leaves in a neighbourhood with a Leaf Loader attachment.

And that’s not all! Explore our full range of attachments on our website today.

Get in a Trackless MT7 Today!

So, during National Public Works Week, let’s give a big thanks to the people who keep our communities safe, clean, and accessible. Their hard work deserves our year-round appreciation. Together, we can build stronger communities for everyone. Interested in adding a Trackless MT to your fleet? Or maybe you’re looking to get your hands on another attachment? Contact your local Trackless dealer today!

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