Pedestrian trails are a vital part of our communities. They offer a space for exercise, stress relief, and connection with nature. However, maintaining these trails in a safe and accessible condition can be a challenge for parks departments and municipalities. Difficult terrain, overgrown vegetation, and uneven surfaces can all pose hazards for walkers, joggers, and cyclists. That’s why trail maintenance is so important! The Boom Flail Mower attachment by Trackless Vehicles is the ideal tool for the job.

Happy Trails = Happy Neighbourhoods

Pedestrian trails are more than just paths through the woods. They are vital arteries in our communities, pumping fresh air, exercise, and connection with nature into the lives of residents.

Above: A couple enjoys their local walking trail.

Walking and biking trails offer a space for:

  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing: Trails provide a car-free zone for walking, jogging, cycling, and other forms of exercise. This boosts physical health, reduces stress, and improves mental well-being.

  • Family Fun and Social Interaction: Trails offer a safe and enjoyable space for families to spend time together outdoors. They also provide opportunities for social interaction as people meet and greet fellow trail users.

  • Environmental Appreciation: Trails connect us with the natural world, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and learn about local flora and fauna.

  • Alternative Transportation: Trails can be used for commuting to work, school, or errands, reducing reliance on cars and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

However, maintaining these trails in a safe and accessible condition can be challenging for municipalities and parks departments.

Why Maintain Trails?

This is where the importance of regular trail maintenance comes in. Regular upkeep ensures trails are not only pleasant to use but also minimize the risk of accidents. Here’s how proper trail maintenance benefits everyone:

  • Enhanced Pedestrian Safety: Overgrown brush and uneven surfaces can create tripping hazards and limit visibility. Regular mowing and debris clearing reduce these risks, creating a safer environment for trail users.

  • Improved Accessibility: Trails that are overgrown or blocked by fallen branches become inaccessible to people with disabilities or those using strollers or wheelchairs. Proper maintenance ensures everyone can enjoy the trails.

  • Reduced Erosion: Unchecked vegetation can contribute to soil erosion, which can damage the trail surface and the surrounding environment. Regularly trimming helps maintain trail integrity and protects the natural landscape.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Well-maintained trails are simply more inviting. Regular mowing and clearing of debris creates a pleasant experience for trail users, encouraging them to return and enjoy the outdoors.

The Challenge of Difficult Terrain:

Maintaining trails in remote areas or those with challenging terrain can be particularly difficult. Traditional mowing equipment may not be up to the task, and manual labour can be expensive and time-consuming.

The Boom Flail Mower: A Game-Changer for Trail Maintenance

The Trackless Boom Flail Mower offers a powerful and efficient solution for tackling tough trail maintenance challenges.

Above: A Trackless Boom Flail Mower is a great tool for maintaining walking and biking trails.

This innovative attachment, designed for use with Trackless utility vehicles, boasts several features that make it ideal for maintaining trails:

  • Reach and Maneuverability: The Boom Flail arm allows for precise mowing of hard-to-reach areas like ditches, slopes, and waterways often found along trails. The attachment’s vertical reach is 13 ½’, the below-grade cut is 53″, and the horizontal reach is 13 ½’ from the outside of the tire. This attachment minimizes the need for manual trimming.

  • Cutting Power: With 32 heavy-duty forged steel knives, the Boom Flail Mower can handle thick vegetation, including heavy grass, weeds, and even light brush, like sumac. Check out this video to see the Boom Flail in action!

  • Safety First: The front-mounted design provides excellent visibility for the operator, enhancing control and reducing the risk of accidents. The Boom Flail features a hydraulic break-back to help protect the mower from damage if an obstruction is struck. Counterweights are included to ensure stability when the Boom Flail is fully extended. Additionally, an enclosed mower housing and rubber safety skirts further promote safe operation near populated areas.

Investing in Safety and Accessibility

By prioritizing trail maintenance, parks and recreation departments and municipalities can create a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone who uses them. The Trackless Boom Flail Mower offers an efficient and versatile solution for tackling even the most challenging trail maintenance tasks. It’s an investment that pays off in terms of safety, accessibility, and overall trail health. To learn more about getting your hands on a Trackless MT and Boom Flail Mower attachment, get in touch with your local Trackless dealer!

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