Versatile Tools for Trail Maintenance Pros

Trackless Vehicles brings you the MT7, coupling power and functionality into an amazing municipal tractor machine, perfectly designed to handle trail maintenance, bike path upkeep and more!

  • 25+ attachments, providing 4 season versatility
  • Full climate controls to keep you cool in the summer heat
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada


A municipal tractor built for everyone. Tough, versatile, functional.

Attachments for Everyday: Bike Paths, Walking Trails and More

Boom Flail Mower

The Boom Flail Mower is a robust attachment, proving to be the ideal solution for cutting grass along walking trails and trimming back bushes and tree branches. This attachment is also perfect for those difficult-to-reach mowing areas that every public works department is faced with: ditches, steep inclines, waters-edge areas and more!

  • Front-mounted for optimal visibility and maneuverability.
  • Joystick controls for ease of operation.
  • Horizontal reach of 13 ½’ from the outside tire.

Power Angle Sweeper

Built tough to withstand everyday use, the Power Angle Sweeper is ideal for removing dirt, debris and even snow from walking trails and bike paths. An essential tool for any municipality, public works department or parks department!

  • Sweeper skirt is standard equipment.
  • 4 sweeper sizes available: 5′, 6′, 7′ and 8′.
  • Attachment can be put to use 365 days of the year.

Buffalo Turbine Debris Blower

The high-powered Buffalo Turbine Debris Blower is ideal for blowing leaves and debris from walking and hiking trails with a single pass. This attachment can also be used in the winter months to blow light snowfall from bike paths and sidewalks.

  • Nozzle can turn 360 degrees for maximum maneuverability.
  • Optional nozzles for customized uses.
  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Double Trip Plow

The Double Trip Plow was designed to perform on both flat and uneven terrain surfaces, making it a great choice for use on bike paths, walking trails, sidewalks and more. Eliminate the risk of damaged equipment with this durable plow!

  • Mouldboard trips 35°, cutting edge trips 40°.
  • Blade is 60″ wide and 32″ high.
  • Adjustable trip springs allow you to modify the trip-edge tension.

Ribbon Snowblower

Winter throwing its worst at you? Throw it right back with our Ribbon Snowblower. Designed for use on bike paths, sidewalks and walking trails, this high-output blower makes quick work of snow removal.

  • Sidewalk chute is standard; truck-loading and telescopic chutes are optional.
  • Available in three widths: 51″, 60″ and 75″.
  • Attachment is hydraulically controlled by the joystick for ease of operation.

Get More Out of Your MT

Stump Grinder

trackless vehicles stump grinder attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor grinding stump side view close-up

Front Flail Mower

trackless vehicles front flail mower attachment on sidewalk municipal tractor mowing grass front view


trackless vehicles snow lion ice-breaker on sidewalk tractor front view close-up

5-Position Folding V-Plow

trackless vehicles 5-position folding v-plow attachment on sidewalk tractor in snow front view

Rear Mount Sidewalk Spreader

trackless vehicles rear-mount sidewalk spreader attachment on sidewalk tractor in snow on sidewalk

See Our Attachments in Action

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